Young Supernaturals of New York, Book 1

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Mother Teresa said, “There is more hunger for love and appreciation in the world than for bread.”

For Maeve, every moment on the streets was about two things: where could she find food and a safe warm place to sleep. But today she stood in a crowd transfixed by one of a store’s many Christmas display windows. She allowed herself this time to just be sixteen in New York City.

The faces of the tiny ballerinas were each different, unique. The only thing they shared was that they lived in a sugar plum village and performed a synchronized dance. Maeve stood entranced, remembering when she was five and her mother gave her a ballerina doll. A tear rolled down her cheek and she turned away from the sweet memory.

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Loved EverWarm!!! I highly recommend this book!  5 stars
I loved this book!! I originally rec’d this book to proofread, but bought a copy also. Susan has written a great series with the Supernaturals of New York!

Maeve and Mike are perfect for each other. I love how the Arnhem Knights and King Max are also woven into this story to help Mike and Maeve learn the things that they will need to know.


“Mike, I was there. The doctor said you were dead. You died for God’s sake!”

“I was or am. I don’t completely understand it myself. I know you gave me hope when you tied this bracelet around my wrist.”

She shook her head. “Honestly, I don’t know what hope I can give you.” In hushed tones, she continued, “I live in a box in an alley.”

He smiled. “Yesterday I lived in a luxury condo and could buy anything I wanted. Today I don’t have a penny and live in a concrete drainage pipe. Maeve, the creature that attacked me made me this way. I think I might be a vampire.”

Maeve backed away from him. “You’re a vampire?”

“I said I might be. I have fangs. I died and got up again. I don’t know. I’m weirded out by the whole thing myself.”

“Are you going to kill me?”


“How can you say that with such certainty?” She walked briskly down the street.

He hurried to keep up. “I remember you crying for me. You’re important to me, Maeve. I have a serious crush on you.”

She walked farther, overwhelmed by his words.

He followed.

The snow stopped. Clouds were clearing with sunlight breaking through in places. “Oh, no. If you are a vampire, we have to get you out of the sun.” She took his hand then dropped it. “What am I saying? You’re a vampire! I’m crazy for even talking to you.”

He claimed her hand. “Maeve, please, I would never harm you. I don’t understand what’s happened only that you are important to me. You were there. You weren’t afraid to be there when I died.”

“Are you going to be a blood thirsty monster?”

“I don’t think so. I felt bad when I ate a squirrel.”

“That sounds disgusting.”

“It is.”

They went into Central Park and continued off the path. Mike turned to her. “Maeve, do you trust me?”

“I don’t know why, but I do.”

He took both her hands. “You should probably close your eyes.”

She did. He concentrated on the concrete cave. There was that popping sound. When he looked around, they were facing the opening.

Maeve opened her eyes. “What is this?”

“It’s where I spent the rest of last night after the hospital.”

She crouched down to enter. “It’s cold. Where is your family?”

“In Italy.”


“I asked to stay behind to hang out with my friends.”

She made her way out of the concrete cave. “It’s going to be dark soon, and you don’t want to be here alone.”

“I was thinking that maybe you could stay with me.” Sunset’s pinks and reds stretched across the more remote parts of the park. Shadows fell near them.

She turned to him. “Not here. It is too cold to stay here. You have no blankets, newspapers, or cardboard, and being alone also makes you a target for thieves or worse. You could easily get cornered here. This place isn’t safe.”

Mike couldn’t breathe. She didn’t know the creature that had attacked him stood behind her. It reached for her. Mike pulled her into his arms. This had to work. He had no idea how to fight that monster and keep Maeve safe. He closed his eyes and kissed her. Pop.

When they opened their eyes, Mike’s condo was across the street.

She slapped him. “I didn’t say you could kiss me.”

Mike rubbed his jaw. “The creature that killed me was reaching for you. I had to get us out fast.”

“You didn’t have to kiss me to get me out.”

He smiled. “I know. I’ve wanted to kiss you since the moment we met.”

The blush that consumed her was even more gorgeous in the faded twilight. She nervously pulled on her green beret with her bare hand. “Oh, no, I’ve lost your warm glove.”

“Don’t worry about that. If I can get into my condo, I have spare gloves.”

“You can’t get in?”

“Not without my key, which was in my wallet when it was stolen.”

“Yeah, they said you had no ID or phone or anything on you at the hospital.”

“Who are they?”

“The cops.”


Maeve stood beside him putting both her hands into the one glove. “I know you don’t feel the cold anymore, but I do. Mike, I have to get someplace warm. If we can’t get inside, I know some shelters that are okay.” Then she smiled. “What if you tried that weird popping from place to place thing that you do?”

“We could try.”

He held her tightly against him. Maeve buried her face against his coat. He closed his eyes and thought about the condo. Then he heard, “Pop.”

They opened their eyes. The walls were white with gold Fleur-de-lis. The floor was covered by a red velvet carpet. Funny. Mike had been surrounded by elegance all his life and never noticed it. Even the white ceiling was a collection of Baroque tiles.

Maeve looked up. “Wow. You have a carved out story on your ceiling.”

Mike laughed. “Yes, I do. But this is only the halfway point between the elevator and my front door. I didn’t actually get us in the condo.”

“Won’t the security cameras see us?”

“No. The camera sees inside the elevator, in front of the elevator, and my front door. It won’t see us as long as we stay here.”

“Are you sure you’re a vampire? Maybe you’re something else. When my parents were still alive, I used to go on sleepovers with Aunt Cathy. We’d stay up late eating popcorn, wrapped up in the blankets she crocheted, watching vampire and werewolf movies. In the movies, vampires are cold as death to touch.” She held his hand. “You are warm. So you see, it doesn’t make sense that you’re a vampire. Open your mouth. I want to see your fangs.”


About the author

Susan Hanniford Crowley is a wife, mother and grandmother. Susan is also is a science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romance author specializing in vampires and rare supernaturals, and now a young adult author. She is a professional member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and in the Published Authors Network of the Romance Writers of America. Susan founded Nights of Passion Blog, which she shares with two other authors, and is also an Associate Editor for Space and Time Magazine.

Her newest novels are EverWarm (a sweet vampire adventure romance) and Lady Fallon’s Dragons (a sweet dragon adventure romance). Both have sweet romances in them, begin new series, and are for ages 13 to 113. The dragon book has tons of dragons.

To see all her novels, visit https://www.amazon.com/Susan-Hanniford-Crowley/e/B004YXOGXG/
She normally writes steamy romance, but has expanded to include sweets/YA!

Her most recent steamy novel is The Vampire with a Blanket of Stars, Arnhem Knights of New York, Book 3. Set in Romania, this tale of two lovers begins just prior to WWII and spans to the present day.

What’s on her desk at the moment?

  1. The sequel in progress to EverWarm
  2. The sequel in progress to Lady Fallon’s Dragons
  3. The 4th book in the steamy series-the Arnhem Knights of New York
  4. A science fiction novel in progress

Susan can be found at:

Nights of Passion blog http://nightsofpassion.wordpress.com
Website http://www.susanhannifordcrowley.com
Twitter as @SHCrowley
Facebook as Susan Hanniford Crowley and Susan Hanniford Crowley, Author

Susan has been researching vampires for over 30 years. She loves collecting dragons. Remember when collecting a dragon, always wear oven mitts. Lol. She has two cats and two mini rose bushes. Her hobby is chasing her grandchildren around the house.


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Holly Hewson: Susan, thank you for talking with us at The Romance Studio. We’re talking about the first book in your new Young Supernaturals of New York series. What can you tell us about the series?

Susan: The Young Supernaturals of New York series (written for ages 13 to 113) is my young adult paranormal adventure romance spin-off from the Arnhem Knights of New York series (which is for 18+). I dreamt the story about Mike and Maeve. I especially love how you get to see communities of different people coming together to help! It is a sweet romance that has humans, vampires, werewolves, intrigue, suspense, danger, and courage.

The first book as well as the series has many layers to it. On one layer it’s about homelessness and how it affects people differently. It’s about cultures interacting with each other. It’s about the strength of community. It’s about not judging someone because of their living conditions or cultural identity. It’s also about not defining or limiting a person because of their age.

There will be at least three or more books in the series. EverWarm is out now. EverNight is projected to release in Fall 2022. EverBright is planned for Fall 2023.

HH: How does EverWarm kick it off?

Susan: It begins with Maeve’s daily goals: to find food and a warm safe place to sleep. She is 16 years-old, lives in a cardboard box on the streets of New York City, and allows herself one luxury. Each day she pauses to gaze at a store holiday window decorated with animatronic figurines based on The Nutcracker Ballet.

Mike (also 16), who lives in a condo and can buy anything he wants, is entranced by the same window. But more than that, he is completely enthralled by her.

HH: What do you like best about Maeve and why will readers identify with her?

Susan: Maeve is responsible for herself, her actions, decisions, and what she believes in. Maeve has a moral code she lives by. She will help others, make friends, and be part of her tribe/family. She doesn’t judge other people. Even when things are very bad, she keeps going!

Maeve has an open heart and is willing to listen. She genuinely cares for others and hasn’t forgotten love. When she loves someone, there is no limit to her bravery.

HH: What do you like best about Mike and why will readers love him?

Susan: The thing I love most about Mike is the way he falls in love. He’s shy when it comes to going up and talking to Maeve. He’s observant when he begins to realize certain things about her. He’s not judgmental. Life is never what he expects it to be, and Mike still makes it work. While he is not good with the details of a plan, he is courageous and reliable.

Mike is very considerate of others, sometimes to his disadvantage. He’s not afraid to love no matter what it might cost him.

HH: What can you tell us about the books to come in the series?

Susan: EverNight and EverBright continue with Mike and Maeve’s story on each successive winter. Their lives change. They make friends, lose some, and evolve with their hopes and dreams, as adulthood gets closer and closer. Their love is tested.

I dare not say more. Love can surprise you, and I wouldn’t want to ruin anyone’s surprise.

HH: What made you decide to be an author?

Susan: At age eight, being an author just made sense to me. A teacher had us keep a journal and I wrote stories about the squirrels in my back yard. She said I was supposed to writing about my feelings. I told her that my squirrels had my feelings. They were sad when one died. They were happy to find a bunch of nuts. They were a reflection of me.

After the journal exercise ended in school, I kept writing. I began writing what I dreamed.

HH: What goals have you set for yourself in your career?

Susan: I kind of flow with my dreams. One goal is to write as many books as I can before I bid adieu to the planet.

I have my paranormal romance books featuring vampires and dragons. In addition to the books for ages 18+, I’m writing books for young adults (really ages 13 to 113) which are EverWarm and Lady Fallon’s Dragons. I am continuing to write the Arnhem Knights of New York series, the dragon series, two science fiction novels in process, two time travels, a mystery, and a detective work-in-progress.

It would be lovely to have my books known around the world. Having an astronaut take one of my books with them into space or to the colony they are building on Mars would be amazing.

Another goal is to leave a legacy of my books to my children and grandchildren to benefit from. Any that don’t get published when I’m alive will be theirs to publish. (There are several famous authors leaving unpublished novels in bank deposit boxes. Prince left unpublished music in his vault. Now that’s an idea!) Laughs.

HH: What do you enjoy reading?

Susan: I am eclectic in my reading. I enjoy paranormal, paranormal romance of all kinds, poetry, history (especially ancient history), science fiction, non-fiction on certain topics I’m researching, and graphic novels.

HH: Do you have any special promotions of events coming up?

Susan: I sometimes do giveaways on The Romance Studio parties and on the I LOVE Romance Books! Facebook group.

While I don’t have any other events right now, I do announce them on Facebook and on Nights of Passion Blog. Be sure to check there. Nights of Passion has a free subscriber, so you can get each post in your email.

EverWarm is currently in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

HH: How can readers interact with you?

Susan: Readers can find me at:

Facebook: Susan Hanniford Crowley and Susan Hanniford Crowley, Author
Twitter: @SHCrowley
Blog: Nights of Passion
Website: https://susanhannifordcrowley.com/
Author Page at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Susan-Hanniford-Crowley/e/B004YXOGXG