Interview: Jasmine Hill

Under His Dominance by Jasmine Hill

Can he keep her forever, under his dominance?

Asmodeus is the Archdemon of lust. Ever since he became a fallen angel, he’s been walking the earth, inciting and encouraging lust and lechery amongst mankind. In his guise of Barrett Lord, he rules over an empire of clubs that cater to the lustful urges and fetishes of humans.

When he spots Arianell Monroe at his annual Halloween party, he determines to have her. Her angelic beauty and innocence are too much for him to ignore. He wants to take her purity as his own, corrupt her and ruin her for any other man. And he’s going to start by introducing her to his private BDSM dungeon.

Arianell is fascinated by BDSM, but her shyness, coupled with the reactions others have had to her albinism, has kept her from exploring her curiosity. But something about Barrett Lord puts her instantly at ease. She’s immediately attracted to the powerful and dominant club owner and finds herself quickly sucked into his heady orbit. She naturally submits to his commanding alpha presence and sexual dominance but determines to set her heart and head against him. Even she knows that he’s not the sort of man who will commit—to anything.

Arianell is special and Asmodeus wants to keep her, but to do so, he’ll have to risk everything. Will she agree to his plans? Or will he lose her forever?

What Reviewers are Saying

“This book will really rock your socks, it’s highly erotic, kinky and absolutely delicious. Five plus stars and highly recommended…”

“Great Hot Story!”

“A fast-paced, well-written, read that heats up the pages with a great ending. Highly recommend.”

“This book is so enjoyable to read. My gosh Jasmine has really pulled out all the stops and created a story that will just have your toes curling. Hot kinky and absolutely adorable these characters really have your heart.”

“The book is well paced, has some twists and turns, ton of steam, and more. Interesting, well-written, spicy read.”

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A tall, powerful figure was moving toward them, and the gathering was parting respectfully for him as if for a Pharaoh. Instinctively, Ari knew it was Barrett Lord, and he was striding directly toward them.

Beside her, Courtney drew in a sharp breath. “Here he comes.”

Ari dropped her gaze to the ground, suddenly nervous to be in the vicinity of such a man. A man who could silently command such deference. The very atmosphere crackled with his presence, with an air of danger. The way that the immediate crowd had grown reverent in his vicinity was positively terrifying.

Suddenly she found herself staring not at the floor, but at a pair of men’s black dress shoes. She could sense his focus on her, willing her—no—demanding her to raise her eyes to his. And as if her will were no longer her own, she acquiesced to his unspoken request. Slowly her gaze started to travel upward, taking in muscular thighs encased in black dress pants, up further to his white button-down shirt spread tight across a broad and powerful chest. He’d rolled his shirt to the elbows and her breath hitched as she took in thick, tattooed forearms. She tilted her head back and eyed his open collar and bare neck. He was tall, very tall, and incredibly well built. Her heart skipped a beat before she lifted her gaze to study his features. She paused, her breath stalling in her chest as she stared at his painted skull face. His skin was a vivid, matte white, deep black circled his eyes and nose, and his mouth depicted a skull’s creepy leer. His face paint was so expertly applied, it set his chiseled jaw and perfect cheekbones into sharp relief, making him appear even more sinister and dangerous. A shiver rippled through her and peaked her nipples. He stared into her eyes with such a hot intensity that her core quivered and butterflies erupted low in her belly. He gripped her chin between a thumb and forefinger, tilted her head back further and stared into her eyes.

“Violet,” he rumbled. “Exquisite.”

His deep voice echoed through her with a vibration she felt all the way to her toes.

She’d forgotten all about the two strange women until the redhead put a manicured hand on his bicep. “Barrett…” she started.

“Go!” he snapped, not taking his eyes from Ari’s. She knew the order wasn’t directed at her, and from the corner of her eye she saw the two women slip away and into the crowd.

“Arianell,” he continued, ignoring the women’s departure. “Silver in Welsh.”

Few people knew the meaning behind her name, so his comment surprised her. The man was tying her in knots, and not in the way that she’d anticipated.

She was still staring at him, locked within his golden gaze, when he leant forward, swept aside the veil of her hair and inhaled deeply. His warm breath on her neck sent more shivers skipping down her spine.

“Hmmm.” His deep growl of satisfaction intensified the quivering of her core and she gasped, horrified at her blatant reaction to him.

He grasped her hand and tugged her forward until she was pressed against his rock-hard abs. She gazed up into his golden, black-ringed eyes as he gripped her ass. Vaguely, she registered Courtney tugging on her hand and calling her name, her voice seeming to come from a deep abyss. She had tuned everything out—the crowd, the chatter, the music—everything but him. He held her enthralled, as if under some sort of spell, and stranger still was the sense of peace she felt in his presence—peace and safety. His erection pressed like hot steel against her stomach, massive like him and thumping in time with her rapidly beating heart. But she couldn’t bring herself to worry about the crowd of people milling around them. Courtney’s urgent tugging on her hand had even ceased to register. There was nothing in her periphery but him. It was at once unnerving and riveting. Never had she been so affected by a man.


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About Jasmine Hill

Jasmine’s been writing professionally since 2013. She adores reading all genres, but erotic romance and thrillers are her favourites. Jasmine loves writing and is always looking for new ideas for stories that will provoke inner passions, stimulate the senses, and ignite the imagination. When not writing, Jasmine can be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen or working off those calories in the gym.

She has won some short story competitions and has also written interactive stories for online gaming apps while publishing her erotic romance novels through Totally Bound Publishing. Jasmine Hill loves to hear from readers. You can find her contact information here, and more of her books at or on her Amazon Author page,

Interview with Jasmine Hill

HH: Jasmine, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Please tell us about your dark romance story, Under His Dominance.

Jasmine: Thank you for having me! “Under His Dominance” is a Halloween themed story in the TEG Dark and Deadly collection, centring on dark desires, lust, dominance, and submission. It’s a paranormal, BDSM erotic romance.

However, it’s not just BDSM erotica. It’s also a novel about overcoming self-esteem issues, personal and spiritual growth, and sexual awakening.

HH: How did the Archdemon of lust become your dark hero for this story?

Jasmine: In some traditions, and theological circles, it is believed that there are seven Archdemons that represent the seven deadly sins. I’m fascinated by this idea and when I decided to write a story for the Dark and Deadly collection, I immediately thought of Asmodeus, the Archdemon of lust. What better hero (or, in the case of my book, he’s more of an anti-hero), than Asmodeus? He represents dark desires, corruption of moral values and lechery.

In my story, he takes the human form of Barrett Lord, owner of a vast empire of fetish clubs where he can have fun encouraging the lustful and moral corruption of mortals.

HH: What draws him to Arianell?

Jasmine: Arianell suffers from albinism. The condition gives her white hair, pale skin and violet eyes. To Asmodeus she is the epitome of angelic beauty, the antithesis of him and those around him. She’s a bright light in his otherwise dark world.

Her pure appearance and angelic innocence are a major draw card for Asmodeus. Conquering her, appeals to his demonic nature and inherent aversion to all things virtuous and good. He wants to violate and corrupt her. To take her innocence and purity as his own.

HH: When you were writing this, how did you maintain the delicate balance between Arianell and the demon determined to claim her?

Jasmine: The dichotomy between good and evil, purity and demonic lust is one of the main premises of the story. However, a less subtle aspect is the feelings of confidence and security that Barrett Lord/Asmodeus awakens within Arianell. She has always had self-esteem issues and Asmodeus helps her to overcome this. Conversely, where Asmodeus has always believed he is soulless and heartless, Arianell, and the unfamiliar emotions she evokes within him, leads him to question his demonic make-up and whether, he does indeed have a heart.

It’s the power of these emotions, and the subsequent self-growth that helps to maintain the delicate balance between the two main characters.

HH: What do you like most about this story?

Jasmine: I love the moment when Arianell and Barrett Lord/Asmodeus first meet. I’ve avoided the term “meet-cute” here as I don’t think it’s suitable for a demon like Asmodeus LOL.

Also, I do like the ending. I don’t want to spoil it, so suffice to say, it’s a little different…

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

Jasmine: “Candy Canes and Cuffs: Sold to the Billionaire”, a Christmas themed book, is coming out on the 5th December and can be pre-ordered now. It’s about a Billionaire Submissive Christmas Auction with lots of steamy BDSM play.

HH: Any Halloween plans this year?

Jasmine: Halloween in Australia is not quite as popular as it is in other countries, but fortunately our American friends have saved the day. They’re hosting a big Halloween party and I can’t wait to get dressed up and enjoy the ghoulish festivities!

HH: What have you been reading?

Jasmine: I’m currently reading “The Alpha’s Inferno: A Paranormal Werewolf Romance (Shifters of Grey Ridge)” by Reece Barden. It’s a great series from a relatively new author and I highly recommend it!

HH: What goals have you set for yourself at this point in your writing career?

Jasmine: I haven’t written a series yet and that’s next on my list. I’m already halfway through book number two of a Men in Uniform series and I’m having great fun with the storyline.

HH: Where can readers find you?

Jasmine: My website:

Totally Bound:

Amazon Author Page:

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