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Paradise Reborn book #2

Can Ali trust two tempting strangers to protect her from the malevolent forces that pursue her through the gates of Paradise?

Threatened with an arranged marriage to a notorious criminal, Aliana Maddock risks everything and flees. Pursued by her father’s menacing henchmen, she ventures into the merciless wilderness of the Montana mountains. After a tumble into raging rapids has her fighting for her life, she’s rescued by two ruggedly handsome and enigmatic men who vow to protect her, no matter the cost. Can Ali resist the temptation the two men represent, or will their charm shatter her resolve?

Griffin Bedard and Dracen Giacomo, two guardians sworn to safeguard one of the weakest gates of Paradise, discover a nearly lifeless yet alluring woman sprawled unconscious on their clan’s land. The two shifters’ desire for her is so powerful, they’re prepared to not only lay down their lives but also unveil Paradise’s hidden secrets to defend their beautiful charge from the evil forces hunting her.

Can the two men protect Aliana from the evil pursuing her, or will they all succumb to the danger that follows Ali through the gates of Paradise? To find out, scroll up and grab your copy today!


Can you tell us a bit about “The Gates of Paradise” and how it fits into the “Paradise Reborn” series?

I’ll tell you a bit about  Paradise and the gates first.

The small town of Paradise hides within another dimension. Shifters enter the town through many gates hidden near cabins on the mountain. The people of Paradise have cast spells upon the gates to keep their town hidden from outsiders. If the veil between worlds is thin, the shifters go to the gates to strengthen them. The problem is, the gates fail when the spells grow weak, or the veil between worlds wears thin. When this happens, humans can stumble into town and the shifters risk discovery. This is not to say humans can’t live there. They can and do.

The story takes part in the mountains surrounding Paradise. The two heroes are a part of their alpha’s team which had battled the man who had usurped a young Adam’s power some years ago. Adam is the clan alpha we meet in book #1, A Stranger in Paradise. They all want to return Paradise to its former glory. Despite being part of this elite pack of warriors, Griffin and Drace can’t shake the nagging feeling that they don’t quite fit in. Often volunteering for gate duty, they seek to prove they’re truly worthy of Adam’s approval and their spot in the secret town.

Aliana stumbles upon a gate, falls through the veil separating the worlds, and finds herself within the borders of the hidden town.

 What inspired you to write a series?

I love series books and I try to make most of my books part of a series. I have written a few over the years that didn’t fit in a series. However, I haven’t written them off as standalone books forever. I never know what kind of idea is going to pop into my head.

Aliana Maddock is faced with the dilemma of trusting two tempting strangers for protection. What challenges does she encounter in making this decision?

She quickly discovers they aren’t working for her father or the man who wants to force her into matrimony. Once she realizes they have put their lives on the line to help her, it’s a simple decision to trust them.

The Montana mountains serve as a captivating backdrop for the story. How does the setting contribute to the overall atmosphere and tension of the plot?

They are in the cold of the mountains where they can hide Aliana in the brush while they investigate those following them. They also use the snow melt streams and cunning tactics to shroud her presence on the mountain. Determined to protect her at all costs, they fight their pursuers while protecting themselves and the woman they desire to call their own.

Shifters play a role in the story as guardians of one of the gates of Paradise. What unique elements do they bring to the narrative, and how do they affect Aliana’s journey?

Each possesses a unique and remarkable skill set. Griffin, a mountain lion shifter, embraces his own techniques. Drace, the enigmatic all-shifter, can transform into anything from a mere plastic glass to a formidable dragon. Yet, he’s tormented by the uncertainty of his true base form. Their tale culminates in the surprising revelation of Drace’s mysterious origins.

The allure and charm of the two men in Aliana’s life create a compelling dynamic. How does her resistance to their temptations impact the story’s development?

Engulfed in a whirlwind of emotions, Aliana struggles with their revelations. As the shadows of her father’s hunters inch closer, she’s propelled into embracing the unbelievable shape-shifting powers of her companions.

In “The Gates of Paradise,” secrets are unveiled and hidden forces are at play. How do these elements drive the suspense and intrigue throughout the book?

The mystery surrounding her father’s desire for her to wed a killer, and to escape that fate, serves as some of Ali’s motivation in the tale. In addition, the pair of shifters feel compelled to guard the woman they see as a potential mate—all the while shielding Aliana from her father’s henchmen. Amidst all this, they must also safeguard Paradise and its inhabitants from discovery.

Can you provide some insight into the evil forces pursuing Aliana and the danger that surrounds her? How does this threat shape the narrative and the relationships between the characters?

The evil forces surrounding her comprise her father’s henchmen and the subordinates of the ruthless drug lord her father wishes her to marry. How must it feel to be unable to trust one’s own father, and why does he want to marry her off to a known murderer? Aliana’s entire world has crumbled around her, and she needs help picking up the pieces.

As an author, what themes or messages did you aim to convey through “The Gates of Paradise” and the “Paradise Reborn” series as a whole?

Ali, whose primary motivation for succumbing to Drace and Griffin’s advances, is her desire to repel her father’s chosen suitor. A classic tale of a damsel in distress unfolds, interwoven with the fated connections of soulmates.

A lot of my books have a slow burn and others have insta-love. Most people don’t believe in love at first sight, but I can tell you it happens. My dad saw my mom in her front yard as he was driving by and turned to his friend and said, “I just saw the girl I’m going to marry.” Six weeks later, they eloped. They told that story often. My husband and I had a similar situation and we were nearly inseparable after we met, only it took us seven months to get married.

And, as a romance writer, the last theme is, of course, love conquers all.

What can readers expect from future installments of the “Paradise Reborn” series? Are there any hints or teases you can share about what’s to come?

There are many stories to come. The series has at least twenty in total. We’ll visit Paradise during the holidays. We’ll get a visit from some magical characters, we’ll see several heroines escape the oppression of the Tudra and more.

The Tudra is the paramilitary force working for the old council that keeps trying to retake the power of the town. We’ll even see two sisters flying a motorized paraglider while escaping their captor’s clutches. There is so much more to come in Paradise Reborn I can’t wait to share them all with you.

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