Storm Crows MC, 2

Case Kelly has everything he’s ever wanted: a new bike, and a Storm Crows patch. But instead of chasing human traffickers with his charter, Case gets stuck baby-sitting Joker’s ol’ lady, an obnoxious Prospect, and the hottest, most annoying woman in the universe. Jenna Gillespie is snide, sarcastic, and perfect. If she’d just stop yelling at him. And then they get to Burning Man.

On the Playa, Case accepts an unexpected truce with Jenna. And more. Between photoshoots and stolen kisses, he glimpses the broken heart that Jenna’s so desperate to hide. If only he understood what broke it. But the closer he gets to the secret, the further Jenna runs. Can Case catch up in time and convince Jenna to trust him with her heart? It’s a tactical nightmare. But if there’s one thing Storm Crows know how to do, it’s win an impossible battle.

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