Iron Flame’s Rocky Release: Entangled’s Journey to Fix a Misprint Mess

So, guess what? Entangled Publishing, yeah, the big guys behind Rebecca Yarros’ latest novel Iron Flame, are in a bit of a pickle. Turns out, they’ve got a misprint situation on their hands, and it’s quite the story. The novel hit the shelves on November 7, and it was like fireworks โ€“ over half a million copies flew off the shelves on day one.

But, here’s the twist: some of these copies weren’t quite right according to Publishers Weekly. We’re talking about damaged pages, some missing, and a few even doing acrobatics (read: upside down pages). TikTok’s been buzzing with readers showing off these quirky copies.

Anyway, Entangled’s not just sitting back. They’ve come out and said, “Yep, we goofed, and we’re on it.” They’re pretty bummed about disappointing the fans who were waiting for this release with bated breath. Sticking to their guns about quality and responsibility, they’re hustling to fix this. They’re working with their distribution partner to sort out a swap for those who can’t get back to where they bought the book. And guess what? The printing company’s burning the midnight oil to get the extra copies out there for this whole exchange shindig.

They’re asking for a bit of patience from the readers and promising to keep everyone in the loop on social media in the coming weeks. As for the finer details, it’s a bit hush-hush for now. And, oh, they’re playing hard to get โ€“ no response yet to PL’s query. But hey, it’s worth a try, right? Stay tuned, and let’s see how they untangle this entangled situation.

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