Kellen’s Conquest by Anne Kane

Like it or not, she needs him.

Someone wants Mia dead, and that’s just not going to happen. Kellen will keep her chained to his side if he must, in order to protect her. He’s one of the AlphElite, the most feared class of warrior in the galaxy. He always gets what he wants, and he wants Mia with a passion that sears his very soul.

Mia grew up an orphan on the streets of one of the roughest planets in the galaxy. Recruited by the intergalactic crime syndicate ORG at a young age, she’s one of the best in their stable of data thieves. Tough, independent and focused, she wants all the things she didn’t have as a child: stability, a home, a family. Kellen might be the sexiest male she’d ever met, but when he settles down, he’ll choose a more suitable mate than an orphaned data thief.

Now an unknown person wants to kill her. She needs Kellen’s protection, and the resources of his AlphElite team to find out who, and why. She desperately needs to put an end to this nightmare so she can get on with a future that doesn’t include a tall, blue-eyed warrior with mouthwatering abs.

Danger stalks the pair as they traverse the galaxy in search of answers. The unknown enemy is powerful and elusive, striking when least expected. Kellen and Mia must learn to trust each other and work together as a sinister conspiracy slowly unravels around them, threatening to entangle them in its web.

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