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The Underground Writing Podcast

Underground Writing, led by Executive Director Matt Malyon, is an organization with a clear mission: to utilize the power of creative writing as a transformative tool. Malyon eloquently describes their approach as using writing as a “shovel” to excavate the depths of human experience, with the literature acting as nourishing soil that yields to their purpose. This impactful initiative, aptly named Underground Writing, focuses on providing a creative writing program for marginalized groups, including migrants, incarcerated individuals, and other vulnerable populations in northern Washington.

The process of completing a book can be all-consuming, leading to isolation and self-centeredness. But, The Underground Writing Podcast serves as a powerful reminder that writing possesses the inherent ability to inspire hope. It emphasizes that creating meaningful content does not require fancy graduate programs but is accessible to all, particularly those facing adversity. Co-founded by Malyon and Alvin Shim, this project has persevered throughout the pandemic, consistently delivering podcast episodes that amplify the voices often overlooked in the clamor of society.

Underground Writing Podcast is an invaluable platform that provides a voice to those frequently marginalized. By bringing their narratives to the forefront, it fosters empathy, understanding, and genuine connections. Despite the challenges faced, the organization continues to produce compelling content, ensuring that these important stories are heard. Underground Writing’s commitment to showcasing these voices sheds light on the forgotten, reminding us of the power of storytelling to create a positive impact in our world.

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