Sonya’s straight. And terrified of wolves. So what’s she doing falling for a trans werewolf?

Technical Difficulties: When Sonya’s forced to work with a male-to-female transgender wolf, the last thing she expects is to fall in love. And love with a werewolf means living in her pack, where first-time sex equals mating for life.

Practical Difficulties: Sonya’s pregnant, and she’s starting to wonder whether Maxine’s loyalties lie with her or her pack. It’s beginning to look like sabotage from all quarters.

Tactical Difficulties: Work and pregnancy are driving Sonya crazy, and Maxine’s overprotectiveness isn’t helping. But when Sonya’s kidnapped, she finds strength in their mating bond she never knew existed.

Publisher’s  Note:  Lady Troubles Box Set contains the previously published novellas Technical Difficulties, Practical Difficulties, and Tactical Difficulties.

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