Brides of the Ovedani Book 4

She’s a skilled vampire slayer. He’s a legendary vampire with a death wish. Can they get along despite their differences?

When the sexy and sarcastic vampire hunter Tara finds her fate colliding with a powerful vampire, she’s thrust into a dangerous fight for her life. Hunted by a sinister enemy and forced to rely on Gideon for protection, she can’t help but find him impossible to resist…

Struggling to maintain control of himself and grappling with centuries of pain, Gideon sees a glimmer of light in Tara. For the first time, dying is no longer an option. But if their enemies catch up to them, he risks losing her forever…

Can Gideon keep Tara safe from the forces determined to destroy her? Or will the fear of losing his newfound mate be enough to push him over the edge?

Filled to the brim with all the scintillating suspense and emotional highs of a sexy vampire shifter romance novel, Legend is a paranormal thrill ride that will keep you on your toes. Scroll up and grab your copy now!

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