Love Scenes Workshop by Autocrit

Love and intimacy are a part of life, yet realizing these intimate encounters on the page can sometimes be pretty darn awkward… for both you and your readers.

But what if I told you that love scenes only tend to end up awkward and off-putting if they’re presented for the wrong reasons?

That’s what our upcoming Writing Love Scenes Workshop is all about!

Starting Wednesday, February 14th, award-winning author Cara Crescent will be in the house to lead us through writing effective love scenes that do more than just titillate.

Across two 90-minute sessions, you’ll discover exactly how to elevate scenes of passion through emotional depth, exploration of character, and genuine connection to your story’s plot and central mechanisms.

Explore the complexities and expression of trust and passion, and transform what could be a chuckle-baiting flub of a love scene into a deep and meaningful encounter that actually adds to your story’s narrative.

Whatever your genre, there’s no more reason to be wary of heating things up.

Cost $79

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