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Magic Series Book 2

Rowan Clementine, rock star and closet bisexual, is stuck in a songwriting rut. He needs a new hit so his label doesn’t sue, but he can’t make a melody to save his life. He hasn’t been able to write in years, actually. So, when his producer slaps some hot young songwriter’s work down in front of him, what’s a guy to do? Give in gracefully? Not a chance.

Jesse Rhodes is a closet songwriter, even though he’s out and proud about everywhere else in his life. So, what happens when his bff sends off his music to a producer who wants his songs for Rowan Clementine, rock star extraordinaire? Cue a freakout! Because Jesse used to know Rowan once upon a time when they were both boys, but he’s sure the singer has forgotten him. Or has he? There’s only one way to find out…

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