Master of Seduction by Angela Knight

All her life, Sheriff’s Deputy Rachel Kent has dreamed of becoming one of the immortal Magekind witches who protect humanity from itself. But first she must prove herself to the handsome vampire whose job is to decide whether she’ll become a danger to those she’s supposed to save.

Nathaniel Allard is a Court Seducer who has been sent to trigger Rachel’s witchy transformation by making love to her three times. The problem is, gaining such incredible powers may drive Rachel insane and force Nathaniel to kill her. Otherwise she may kill him — and anyone else who gets in her way.

Nate vows he’ll only agree to complete Rachel’s transformation if she proves she can be trusted with the powers she’ll gain. But as he tests her — and makes love to her with every test she passes — mutual lust becomes something more. Will love be enough to save Rachel’s sanity?

Praise for Master of Seduction (Merlin’s Legacy 1)
“I really enjoyed this story. I love that Rachel and Nathaniel fell in love in spite of themselves. Neither was looking for forever. But sometimes people click and Ms. Knight made sure they did. It felt natural and believable… I look forward to seeing where she will take us.”

— Titania, MR Review

“Erotic romance readers are in for a treat as Ms. Knight knows her way around when it comes to writing sexy stuff. There’s a lot to enjoy throughout Master of Seduction so make sure something cold is by your side while reading… a welcome little gem with a happy ever after as sexy, romantic and satisfying as one could wish.”

— Xeranthemum, Long and Short Reviews

“Ms. Knight’s brand of erotica is easy to visualize and so sexy. Her characters are designed to have chemistry, even when they are being contrary. She is one of my go to authors when I need a paranormal erotica fix with vampires, witches and shifters – oh my. This latest book is a lovely addition to this universe. I look forward to the next one in this series. Recommended to paranormal romance readers who enjoy a bit of heat between their characters.”

— 4 Stars from La Crimson Femme

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