Millie Bobby Brown’s “Nineteen Steps”: More Than Just A Romance Novel

Ah, Millie Bobby Brown—the face we know and love as Eleven in “Stranger Things”—has written a romance novel. But let’s not let the actor’s fame overshadow the book itself. Courtesy of William Morrow and reported by the AP, “Nineteen Steps” is a compelling read that merits a close look.

A Tale with a Vintage Twist

Set in the heart of London between 1942-1945, the story centers around Nellie, an 18-year-old working as a secretary for the mayor of Bethnal Green. Her life seems almost ordinary; she lives with her family and is friends with the girl next door, Babs. But throw in air raids and Billy, Babs’ brother who’s had a crush on Nellie since childhood, and you’ve got a recipe for an engaging narrative.

The Foreboding Steps

We can’t ignore the setting—a city consistently under siege from German air raids. The locals, including Nellie, are often pushed into underground shelters. It’s here that the “Nineteen Steps” from the title come into play. Nellie counts these steps each time they head to the shelter. It’s a small yet poignant detail that underscores the tension of living in a warzone.

Spoiler Alert (Or Not)

Interested in learning more about the “Bethnal Green steps”? Sure, you could Google it, but where’s the fun in that? Plus, Brown dedicates the book to her grandma, giving it a personal touch. Despite this, it’s marketed as fiction, ensuring that we take the narrative as a blend of reality and imagination.

The Love Triangle & More

The story elevates when Nellie meets Ray, a U.S. Air Force pilot. The chemistry is palpable, and Millie Bobby Brown captures the blossoming romance perfectly. But it’s not just a love story. The triangle between Nellie, Billy, and Ray is essential, yes, but the real gem lies in how the book delves into coping with grief. It paints a vivid picture of how Nellie, her family, and friends navigate through heartbreaks and tragedies.

More Than Just a Debut

Is this Millie Bobby Brown’s only shot at writing? Time will tell. What’s clear, though, is her late grandmother would undoubtedly be proud of this venture.

In summary, “Nineteen Steps” isn’t just a romance novel. It’s a well-crafted tale that encapsulates love, grief, and the resilience of the human spirit amidst chaos. So go ahead, give it a read—you won’t regret it.

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