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Eagle, the enforcer for the Soldiers of Retribution MC, is tasked with finding out who was responsible for the hit-and-run that left one of his brothers injured on the side of the road. The only lead he has is a female passenger who refuses to give up her companion’s name. With no other option available, Eagle decides to bring her back to the clubhouse until she acquiesces. Eagle has his eye set on another woman, but he can’t ignore the powerful attraction he feels towards his captive, and he’s forced to make a tough decision. Which woman will he decide to keep?

“Damnit, woman! I’m at the end of my f**king patience with you!” He glanced over my head at one of the guys who was sitting at the bar. “Lynx! Watch this asshole ‘til I get back.”

At first I thought he’d been referring to me, but then he shoved Ron toward the bar before pivoting back to me. Before I could guess his intentions, he dipped his shoulder into my middle and picked me up in a fireman’s hold. The breath whooshed from me, and the next thing I knew he was walking out of the room. “What the hell!” I struggled against the arm clamped across the back of my thighs and pounded on his back. “Put me down! You have no right to—ouch!” I cried out when he slapped me hard across the bottom. “That’s assault!” No one, and I mean no one, had ever slapped me on the bottom. When he did it again I was shocked and surprised at how it made me tingle.

“Now stop your f**king wiggling or you won’t be able to sit down by the time we reach my room!” Eagle was beyond angry.

Nothing I did to fight against him fazed him as he stormed down the hallway. I didn’t appreciate being treated like a child. It was humiliating, especially when I heard his brothers’ laughter. As far as I was concerned, I had every right to be there with my brother while they decided how he was going to pay for his accident. With a huff I clamped my lips and reluctantly accepted my fate, simmering inside. As soon as we were in his room he tossed me onto his bed.

“You-you jerk!” I glared up at him as I bounced, so pissed off that I was out of breath.

Eagle just stared down at me for a minute, his jaw tight and his eyes on fire. His eyes zeroed in on my heaving breasts for a hot second before he grunted something under his breath and turned to leave. His treatment of me, coupled with my fear of whatever they were going to do to Ron, caused me to jump off the bed and run after him.

I caught up with him just before he opened the door. “You’re not locking me in here!” I hissed.

When he spun around, I slapped my hands on his chest and gave him a shove, throwing my body into it. Surprisingly, he fell back against the door with a grunt, but his expression clearly revealed that I’d made a big mistake. He wrapped his big hands around my wrists and jerked me up against him. “Put your hands on me like that again and you won’t like the consequences,” he threatened, grating the words down into my face.

I was suddenly afraid, but excited at the same time. His grip was slightly painful, and his mouth was tight. If eyes could light a fire, I’d have been burning up. I wet my bottom lip. His eyes caught the movement, and the flicker of awareness took my breath away. I didn’t know what he was feeling, but I knew what being up flush against his hard body and his hands on me were making me feel. I knew that I shouldn’t be feeling this way. I should be worried about my brother. But something about this man got me hot.

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