Of Ravens and Wolves by Kelley Heckart

Magic demands its price.

Nemu and Ambiorix must fight to survive in the wild lands of the Caitt in northern Caledonia where they have sought refuge after Ambiorix’s desertion from the Roman army. Another more sinister danger also stalks them, a result of Nemu’s dark magic. Their idyllic world is about to be shattered, and their relationship tested.

“Heckart’s work offers beautiful poetic descriptions rich in detail. Reading this book is a sensual pleasure. It is especially a joy to read about the idyllic agrarian lifestyle and the sense of people’s connection to the land, to the tribe, and to the spirit world. The richness of detail in descriptions create a powerful aura that positively fills this world.”
Reviewed by Snapdragon at the Long and the Short of It

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