Once Persuaded, Twice Shy: A Modern Reimagining of Persuasion by Melodie Edwards

This modern reimagining of Persuasion is full of witty banter, romantic angst, and compelling characters as it captures the heart of the classic Jane Austen novel.

When Anne Elliott broke up with Ben Wentworth, it seemed like the right thing to do . . . but now, eight years later, she’s not so sure.

In her scenic hometown of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Anne is comfortable focusing on her successful career: filling her late mother’s shoes as town councilor and executive director of her theater company. She certainly keeps busy as the all-around wrangler of eccentric locals, self-centered family members, elaborate festivals, and the occasional attacking goose. But the more she tries to convince herself that her life is fine as is, the more it all feels like a show—and not nearly as good as the ones put on by her theater company. She’s the always responsible Anne, always taken for granted and cleaning up after other people, and the memories of happier times with Ben Wentworth still haunt her.

So when the nearby Kellynch Winery is bought by Ben’s aunt and uncle, Anne’s world is set ablaze as her old flame crashes back into her life—and it’s clear he hasn’t forgiven her for breaking his heart. A joint project between the winery and Anne’s theater forces both Ben and Anne to confront their complicated history, and as they spend more time together, Anne can’t help but wonder if there might be hope for their future after all.

“Jane Austen’s Persuasion is beloved for its capable, introspective heroine and the quiet romantic who’s been carrying a torch for her all these years . . . and Melodie Edwards delivers the same in her pitch-perfect modern retelling. Once Persuaded, Twice Shy will have you rooting for Anne to learn to live her own life, reading everything into the tiniest interaction with the one-who-got-away Ben Wentworth, and cackling at the antics of a certain theater-loving goose. I loved it!”
—Alicia Thompson, bestselling author of Love in the Time of Serial Killers

“Reading Melodie Edwards is the closest you can come to reading a modern-day Jane Austen. Fans of Austen will find Once Persuaded, Twice Shy a gorgeously romantic homage to one of history’s best second-chance romances and most relatable protagonists. Edwards’ narrative voice is exquisite, her Anne Elliot(t) perfectly rendered, her Wentworth swoonworthy, and her small-town setting (Kellynch Hall exchanged for Kellynch Winery) a place you’ll ache to visit. This gem of a story is the Persuasion update we deserve.”
—Ashley Winstead, author of The Boyfriend Candidate

“Melodie Edwards charmed me from start to finish with this fresh and original take on a classic tale. Once Persuaded, Twice Shy delighted me with its quirky-small-town hijinks, and the tension filled, slow burn second chance romance made me swoon. Readers will root for smart and selfless Anne to find her way back to Ben, the one who got away, and will cheer as she learns to draw boundaries with her family and take back her life.”
—Meredith Schorr, author of As Seen on TV and Someone Just Like You

“Jane Austen meets Parks and Rec in this delightful second-chance romance overflowing with heart and small-town charm. With its wonderfully quirky cast of supporting characters, Melodie Edwards’ enchanting reimagining will have readers rooting for Anne to find herself as much as find her way back to Ben—and likely wanting to plan a trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake! The perfect read to cozy up and fall in love with.”
—Holly James, author of The Déjà Glitch

“With hilarious supporting characters and satisfying depth… Edwards remains true to the classic while deftly modernizing it, and I loved falling into this fresh, fun story about what happens when you regret letting The One get away.”
—Sierra Godfrey, author of The Second Chance Hotel

“Smart, swoony and hilarious, Once Persuaded, Twice Shy was the Persuasion retelling I didn’t know I needed. I fell in love with the brilliant Anne on page one and never looked back. Utterly charming!”
— Lynn Painter, New York Times bestselling author of The Love Wager

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