One Kind Goal by Christine DePetrillo

One Kind Deed Series Book 14 (can also be read as a standalone hockey romance)

He wanted to be it for her. All she ever wanted. All she ever needed.

Morgan Rayhill has it all. As the younger sister of a famous actor, she never wants for anything. The glitz of New York’s club scene, however, is starting to lose its luster. She needs a purpose that doesn’t depend on her brother’s money. The trouble is she doesn’t have any of the right talents for a real job. She knows how to party, but that isn’t going to pay the bills. Not that she even enjoys partying anymore. Ever since Morgan took a trip to Vermont and had one steamy night with sexy hockey player, Sawyer Lundin, nothing feels right. Not as right as being in his arms had. It was just one night, so why can’t she stop thinking about him?

Sawyer can’t stop thinking about that one night either. Normally, all his effort is aimed at helping the Rhode Island Anchors set records on the ice. He never lets anyone pull his focus from the game. But the memory of being with Morgan is hard to shake. She made him feel like more than everyone’s favorite hockey player.

When Sawyer runs into Morgan again, he’s more than willing to head back to Vermont with her and pick up where they left off. The heat between them is enough to melt an entire ice rink, but Sawyer brings a guest that could change everything for all of them. They’ll need to work as a team to turn this fling into forever.

Is one kind goal enough to create a lifetime of winning?

One Kind Goal is a second-chance, small-town, contemporary romance that features a heroine attempting to find what she’s passionate about and a hockey hero trying to build a family.

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