Over Their Heads by Alex Winters

The Deep End 2

Nash Archer may be a virgin, but as a college freshman, away from home and unsupervised for the first time, he doesn’t plan to be for long. Maybe that’s why he falls for the handsome, cocky stranger cruising him in the campus library and follows him back to the academic dorms for his first boy-on-boy action! But when he discovers that he’s just another notch on a very big belt for his sexy new lover Ridge, Nash huffs off before they can exchange numbers. He figures he’s blown his first chance at a relationship with a real live guy.

Ridge Madison feels bad about dismissing the cute freshman from the campus library, but what’s Nash to expect? That’s what cruising is, after all — fast, hot, and no strings attached. So when Nash storms off, why does Ridge move heaven and earth to find Nash to make up for things? And what will he do when he finds out Nash has already met someone else? Someone who Ridge also wants?

Tanner Sinclair can’t believe it when she finds herself stuck in the middle of the two hottest guys on campus. Ridge is her algebra tutor, a sexy stud who knows it. When he rudely dismisses his latest conquest as she arrives for her tutoring, Tanner leaves abruptly and tracks Nash down in the campus cafeteria. The two hit it off and wind up sharing a night of passion the likes of which neither of them has ever experienced before.

As three very different lives collide, passions ignite while the lovers give the term “college experience” new meaning. Will they find themselves in over their heads?

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