Overcoming Writer’s Block Workshop from Autocrit

At one point or another, we’ve all been through it…

The curse of writer’s block.

It’s the torment of the blank page, the frustration of a stalled story, and that tooth-grinding feeling of being well and truly stuck in a rut.

But what if you had your own fast-tracked hero’s journey through to the other side of this particularly nasty curse? How would that look?

Let’s see!

Step 1: The Call to Adventure
Enough is enough! You crave a world where your imagination is free to take control, where captivating tales spill from your fingertips without staring into space, trapped in procrastination. It’s time to answer that call.

Step 2: Meeting The Mentor
Say hello to AutoCrit’s brand new Overcoming Writer’s Block Workshop! Register now to join us for two jam-packed 90-minute sessions on September 7th and September 10th.

Step 3: Crossing the Threshold
Picture this: You sit down to write, and the words flow like never before. Your stories take on a life of their own, and your readers can’t get enough.

Step 4: Facing Challenges and Growth
Yes, there are challenges, but thanks to everything you’ve discovered, you have the tools and strategies to shatter writer’s block the moment it appears, and make consistent progress day by day.

Step 5: The Ultimate Reward
As you complete your heroic journey, you find yourself in a new world – one where interruptions, doubt, and your nagging inner editor are but a momentary inconvenience. And finally, that manuscript is finished.

Step 6: Return with the Elixir
You return to your everyday writing life, but it will never be the same. Now you’re armed with the figurative elixir: the confidence and strategies to hit writer’s block with a haymaker should it raise its ugly head.

Now… let’s make this hero’s journey your reality!

Join us for the Overcoming Writer’s Block Workshop and not only will you emerge victorious, but you’ll also get personalized feedback on a sample of your writing to further guide you on the journey ahead.

Because once you’re free, every day brings a new adventure.

$129 $79

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