Paranormal Romance Workshop by Autocrit

Hosted by: Cara Crescent

Author of smoking hot romance with a wicked twist, Cara Crescent’s books have won the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award, Book Buyers Best, and the Linda Howard Award of Excellence to name but a few.

Craft Captivating Paranormal Romances: Immersive Worldbuilding & Complex Characters

Do your paranormal romance drafts tend to fizzle out before the climax? Do you find yourself struggling to weave the supernatural aspects with the central romance?

Understanding the nuances of the genre inside and out is key to developing a compelling paranormal love story that will hook readers.

Join Cara Crescent, award-winning author of supernatural romance, for an in-depth exploration of paranormal romance writing. Discover methods for:

    • Building Immersive Paranormal Worlds: Master imaginative and rigorous worldbuilding to construct fully realized fantasy realms, complete with consistent magic systems and complex creature societies.
    • Developing Dimensional Characters: Create sympathetic protagonists and formidable antagonists by tapping into the unique abilities, histories and challenges of supernatural beings.
    • Crafting Seductive Romantic Tension: Use popular paranormal romance tropes to keep a destined couple apart, like fated mates, forbidden love, and enemies to lovers.
    • Balancing Multiple Plot Threads: Learn outlining and revision techniques to interweave the romantic arc with the paranormal external plot for maximum tension.
    • Achieving the Ever Elusive Happily Ever After: Structure emotionally satisfying HEAs that genuinely resolve both character arcs and world-level threats.

This live interactive workshop is a journey into tips and tricks for this exciting genre. In two dynamic 90-minute sessions, you’ll gain the skills to create paranormal romance novels.

Session 1: Sat, January 27 @ 8:00 PM EST 

Session 2: Sat, February 3 @ 8:00 PM EST

Cost: $79

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