Passion Unleashed: E. Jean Carroll and Mary Trump Pen a Captivating Romance Novel, Leaving Politics Behind

Photo credit: National Review

Renowned authors E. Jean Carroll and Mary Trump have joined forces to embark on a surprising literary journey: co-writing a steamy romance novel. Shedding their familiar roles as political commentators, Carroll and Trump aim to provide readers with an enticing escape. It’s an unexpected collaboration with a commitment to avoiding political discussions in a unique offering.

According to The New York Times, Carroll expressed her excitement, saying, “I think we are going to have some very delicious scenes, as only Mary can describe them, so they’re going to be a little weird, but trust me, there are going to be some erotic scenes.” This collaboration promises to ignite readers’ imaginations and introduce them to a different side of these acclaimed authors.

No Politics Zone

Carroll and Trump both acknowledge the associations people have made between them and their political commentary. But, their joint venture is strictly focused on delivering an engaging romantic narrative, intentionally devoid of any mention of the former president or political topics. They are determined to create an escape for readers, away from the chaotic world of politics.

Carroll emphasized this point, stating, “This is a no-politics zone. We’re giving you an escape.” By consciously steering clear of divisive subjects, Carroll and Trump invite readers into a realm of passion, love, and excitement, allowing them to explore an entirely different aspect of their creative talents.

A Shift from Political Commentary

The decision to write a romance novel marks a departure for both authors, who gained recognition for their memoirs and political confrontations. Carroll’s memoir, “What Do We Need Men For?” catapulted her into the spotlight when she accused the former president of sexual abuse. Recently, a jury found him liable for the abuse and defamation, leading to a significant legal victory for Carroll.

Similarly, Mary Trump, known for her explosive tell-all book about her uncle, became a prominent figure during the summer of 2020. Her book sold millions of copies, establishing her as a powerful political commentator. But, Trump is undeterred by critics who expressed concerns about her reputation, emphasizing that she doesn’t care about judgments or being labeled as less serious due to her foray into romance writing.

A Novel Unveiled on Substack

Currently, Mary Trump has completed about one-third of the novel and has meticulously plotted out the remainder of the story. The authors aim to secure a traditional publisher for the novel’s eventual release. Meanwhile, subscribers to their Substack, named Backstory Serial, will enjoy the privilege of receiving twice-weekly installments of the tantalizing romance, along with additional content such as knitting patterns and delectable Italian recipes featured in the story.

During this initial phase, the Substack will be accessible to all readers, free of charge, for the first three weeks. Afterward, paid subscribers can continue to indulge in the ongoing narrative for an affordable fee of $60 per year or $6 per month. Furthermore, subscribers will have the unique opportunity to engage directly with Carroll through comments, creating a dynamic and interactive reading experience.

Escape and Engagement

As Carroll and Trump venture into the realm of romance novels, they embrace the challenge of captivating readers with a genre unfamiliar to their followers. Through their collaboration, they hope to transport readers into a world brimming with passion, intrigue, and unconventional twists. By venturing outside their comfort zones, these accomplished authors are sure to surprise and delight readers seeking an escape from political discourse.

E. Jean Carroll and Mary Trump’s unexpected collaboration on a romance novel introduces readers to an exciting departure from their traditional roles. With their determination to avoid politics and focus on crafting an engaging narrative, Carroll and Trump promise an escape filled with exhilarating scenes. Join them on Substack’s Backstory Serial to experience their unique literary journey.

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