Pave Publishing House: A New Era in Storytelling

Pave Studios is expanding its creative horizon with the launch of Pave Publishing House. This new venture aims to collaborate with both emerging and established creators, as well as existing authors, to bring fresh and exciting stories to the world.

Founder Max Cutler emphasized the innovative approach of Pave Publishing House, stating, “We’re putting storytellers at the forefront with our business model because we understand that when creators succeed, everyone succeeds. By meeting creators’ audiences where they are, we’re reimagining distribution and leveraging the massive podcast audience to drive more revenue back to creators.”

In a strategic move, Pave Publishing House has entered a co-publishing agreement with Simon & Schuster. This partnership will focus on the discovery, development, and publication of new book and audiobook titles under the Pave brand. Simon & Schuster will handle the worldwide distribution of these titles, ensuring a broad reach for the creators’ works.

Jonathan Karp, CEO of Simon & Schuster, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Pave Studios, a truly innovative content creation studio. Max Cutler and his team have consistently been at the forefront of new media. Pave’s dedication to creators mirrors our focus on centering authors in all we do. With audiobooks being the fastest-growing format in publishing, Pave’s roots in audio storytelling position us for continued growth and success.”

While the specific details of Pave’s business model remain under wraps, it’s clear that this venture aims to revolutionize the way stories are brought to life and shared with the world. By combining the strengths of Pave Studios and Simon & Schuster, Pave Publishing House is set to become a major player in the publishing industry, bringing diverse voices and compelling narratives to a global audience.

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Tina Pavlik

Owner of TRS since 2003

An aficionado of romance novels for many years, Tina has owned The Romance Studio since 2003 and for 20 years, has enjoyed highlighting the best books in the genre. She enjoys all aspects of marketing including writing content, book trailer design, and finding captivating new books for voracious readers. She has also written over 20 romance titles under various pen names. In another life, she writes horror and works as an extras casting assistant for TV shows and films in the North Carolina and South Carolina regions.