Podcast: Working with a Writing Coach

Working with a Writing Coach

In today’s Books with Hooks, Carly and CeCe are joined by guest Alicia Clancy, executive editor at Lake Union Publishing. They discuss the need to establish what is real and what is made up in a fantasy query; the importance of physical movement in the opening pages to help with pacing; avoiding vague plot points in your query, especially when relating to the climax; sufficiently explaining why you chose a specific character to focus on in your query letter when writing a multi-POV novel; the importance of including reasons why you’re the person to write your story in your author bio paragraph; and being mindful of showing rather than telling.

After which Bianca interviews Chelene Knight, author of Let It Go. They talk about Chelene’s various literary initiatives, including the Thrive Coaching Program and Forever Writers Club; writing as a marginalized writer and the pressures associated with that; the 360 view that Chelene has of the publishing world; choosing an audience for your book, rather than trying to appeal to everyone; Chelene’s intentions with how she outlined and framed her latest book; and advice to writers who want to publish nonfiction.

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