Loving the Highland Bears book #2

Now that they’ve found her, can they let her go?

When Kaitlin makes plans for two months in a remote cabin in Alaska, she hopes for an uneventful holiday season alone. But after a wounded turtle dove and its mate lures into the forest, she discovers the birds don’t need assistance after all, but she does. Treed by a ferocious polar bear, she counts her lucky stars when she’s rescued by two gorgeous shifters who ignite a fire within her heart.

Liam and Angus left Scotland in search of a mate, hoping the New Year’s celebration in a big city would help them find a willing female. Before heading to Vancouver, they spend a few days relaxing with clan members in a remote Alaskan lodge. They didn’t expect to come to the rescue of a beautiful female who would tame their inner beasts—one they would die to protect.

With winter storms and an unknown danger developing around them, Kat finds herself stuck with her two handsome heroes. But she’s not about to protest. Her only fear is they only want a holiday fling, and she wants so much more than a brief New Year’s affair.

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