Python by Harley Wylde

(Dixie Reapers MC 18)

A Dixie Reapers Bad Boys Romance

Galina – All my life I’ve been taught to obey men without question, but when I find out my father has offered my hand in marriage to Dima, a man who’s already killed two women, I know I’ve had enough. The Vor offers me a chance to run, and I take it. Living with the Dixie Reapers MC was supposed to be temporary. When I see one of the club girls harassing Python, I step in. Maybe I shouldn’t have. I never thought something so simple would become a complicated situation.

Python – All I wanted was to enjoy the single life forever. Didn’t matter if the pretty little Russian caught my eye. I wasn’t the type to settle down. Then she went and claimed me in front of a club girl. The officers in my club are having far too much fun with this. I’d planned to keep her at arm’s length — until I found out she was in danger. With trouble breathing down her neck, I don’t have a choice. I’ll make her mine in every way that matters. Anyone dares to touch her, even the Bratva, and I’ll bury them.

WARNING: Python is intended for readers 18+ due to adult situations, language, and violence.

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