Rookie Moves by Alex Winters

Campus Crush Book 2

Tatum Ripley can’t understand her why her editor-in-chief has given her so many warnings about Shane Dixon, the new subject of her upcoming “Rookie Roundup” profile for the campus newspaper. After all, Tatum’s a seasoned reporter, a college junior no less. Tossing softball questions, no pun intended, at some cornfed country jock and snapping a few candid shots of the freshman cutie in and out of his uniform should be a no-brainer, right?

Shane Dixon is just a rookie on the Sycamore State baseball team. To say he’s flattered to be profiled for the campus newspaper is an understatement, and never more so than when sexy, raven-haired reporter Tatum Ripley shows up in the locker room after practice one day to interview him. Sparks fly, and soon the only question turned-on Tatum wants to ask sexy Shane is which base will they be rounding that night?

Will Tatum be able to remain professional while she profiles Shane for the student paper? Or will falling for him be the biggest “rookie move” of her burgeoning career?

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