Royally Screwed by Amber Malloy

The Royal Series Book 1

Prince Ford Beaumont, who taught at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, loved his career … until his ex-wife got him fired. On very thin ice with the monarchy, the prince is forced to participate in a reality dating show. However, an unintentional ponytail tug to a very sexy princess permanently changes his plans for the worse. Now, Ford only has two choices available: he can either stay on The Establishment’s planned out course or risk his title for the wild child princess.

Third in line to the throne, Princess Belle Deschamps ran from Emerald Isle years ago. She only returns to her birthright out of contractual obligation. Unfortunately, one very public fight with a handsome prince forces her into a one-sided deal that could destroy everything she built for herself.

“This was a great read… This is the first book I’ve read, written by this author and I really enjoyed it. The H and h had very intense chemistry and you can tell that this author did her research. I enjoy this genre and I’m sure others will too.” –5 stars, Amazon review

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