RWA U Webinar: Putting the Research in Romance

Registration ends 9/28/2023 5:00 PM (Central Daylight Time)

Presenter: Amy L. Bernstein. Facts, artifacts, and the physical world around us can be sexy! In this workshop, we’ll review specific techniques and sources for doing research that enriches your novel and brings scenes to life. We’ll also review strategies for ensuring that you bring in just the right amount of research into your fiction without overwhelming the story. There will be ample time for Q&A.

When: 9/28/2023 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM CT

Presenter: Amy L. Bernstein

Amy L. Bernstein writes stories that let readers feel while making them think. Her novels include the award-winning paranormal romance, The Nighthawkers; The Potrero Complex; Dreams of Song Times; and Fran, The Second Time Around. As a former journalist, Amy brings richly researched details into all her fiction and dramatic plays. She teaches workshops on various aspects of the craft of writing and is a frequent guest on podcasts to discuss writing, publishing, and creativity. Amy is also a certified nonfiction book coach.

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