Saffron by P.L. Parker

The Chimeras

The alien invasion has left humanity teetering on the brink of total annihilation. The survivors need an edge, and fierce huntress Saffron sets out to make that happen. Smart, fast, strong, with razor keen senses, all Saff really cares about is wiping the invaders from the face of planet Earth. But life has a way of changing and when the hunter, Gabe, tracks her to the underground fortress, her world takes on new meaning.

“The book is a complete story that ends with an HEA/HFN for Saffron and Gabe, but sets up the story arc for the rest of the series (beating the aliens). Each book will tell the romance of a different sister (book two is Poppy). I really enjoyed this book. Author P.L. Parker does a great job with world-building and establishing a believable post-apocalyptic Earth. The characters are likable and interesting. I bought book two right after finishing book one. I’m looking forward to reading the whole series.” – Cara Bristol, Amazon

“The action scenes are high-octane with visual details. The stakes are life or death which I loved. The ending stole my breath. I can’t wait for book two. If you’re a post-apocalyptic reader, this is a must-read. Don’t wait, start reading today.” N.N. Light, Amazon

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Jubilant and full of self-righteous glee, Saffron was almost skipping as she approached the underground fortress and flashed the current signal to alert the watch of her arrival. At least she hoped it was the current signal. They changed every day and sometimes twice or more each day.

A large form materialized from the dark. Tension literally oozed from the towering figure.

“Where you been, Saff?” Bear’s gruff voice broke the silence. “Cap’s looking for you and he isn’t happy.”

“He’s always looking for me and he’s never happy, so what else is new?”

“You were told not to go out alone again,” Bear growled. “Too dangerous.”

She edged around him and headed towards the entryway to the underground redoubt. “I work best by myself. You know that.”

“Damn it, Saff! I’m supposed to be your spotter.”

“I don’t need a spotter. I can spot on my own. I do have eyes, you know.”

Determined to ignore him, she stepped to the entryway and dropped her pack. To the unperceiving eye, the entryway was merely another rock formation on a very rocky hillside. Following the trail of old rumors, Cap and his men had chanced upon it several years ago and they were still working to open up the chambers housed in the massive structure. No one had any idea how large the stronghold was, but Cap thought it might have been some pre-alien invasion military complex.

She brushed aside some covering flora and tapped out the code on the entryway’s intercom. “Open up.”

Coug’s snide voice came over the intercom. “Who goes there?”

“You know who,” she groused. The guy never failed to use that same tired old line. “Open up.”

The heavy locking device clicked and the door swung open. She stepped into the dimly lit corridor and headed towards her quarters, her mind already primed for some food and a few hours of relaxation. Hopefully without having her ass chewed by Cap.

“You can’t keep doing this.” Bear followed her in. “You’re going to get yourself killed.”

“We’re all going to die anyway. Might as well take down a few on the way out.” She paused, glancing over her shoulder as she gave him a self-satisfied smile. “I got another one. That makes five.”

That got his attention! His scowling lips softened. “That’s almost a record. Couple more and you’ll be the top dog hunter.”

Their fists bumped together as her fingers exploded. “It’s what I live for,” she laughed. “Being top dog.”

She could sense his wistful gaze. The guy harbored hopes that someday she’d look at him as more than a friend but it wasn’t going to happen. She’d known him all her life and he was like a brother to her. The feelings he wanted just weren’t there. Not for him. Not for anybody, male or female. Relationships took too much time and energy—time and energy she wasn’t willing to waste. Love and commitments weren’t on her list of to-dos. That part of her was frozen and she didn’t think it was thawing anytime soon.

But she did value his friendship though. He guarded her back whether she wanted him to or not.

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