Scholastic’s Inclusive Approach: Diverse Books at Spring Book Fairs

Scholastic takes a significant step forward in embracing diversity and inclusion. In a recent update, the renowned book publisher has announced a transformative policy for its upcoming Spring Book Fairs in 2024. This move comes after a period of introspection and policy reversal concerning the representation of BIPOC and queer characters and creators in their book fairs.

Learning from the Past

Previously, Scholastic faced criticism for separating books featuring BIPOC and queer characters from elementary school fairs. This decision, initially intended to shield teachers and librarians from legal repercussions amidst restrictive legislation, sparked a wave of disapproval. Realizing the impact, Scholastic issued an apology in October and discontinued the ‘Share Every Story, Celebrate Every Voice’ a la carte collection.

Integrating Diversity

In their latest announcement, Scholastic reveals a refreshing change. The books that were once segregated, now part of the ‘Celebrating Voices Collection,’ will be integrated into the standard book fair offerings. This inclusive approach ensures a rich tapestry of stories, mirroring the diverse experiences of children. Schools receive these books and retain autonomy over local merchandising decisions, akin to any bookstore or library.

Enhanced Digital Preview

A noteworthy addition is the enhanced online Book Fair preview. This feature, armed with industry-standard information and robust search functionality, mirrors other reputable online sites. It allows schools and Book Fair hosts to familiarize themselves with the books beforehand, ensuring a well-informed selection for their fairs.

Commitment to Inclusivity

Scholastic’s statement underscores a commitment to sharing stories that represent, reflect, and inspire all children. By offering a diverse range of books at their fairs, they aim to create an inclusive experience for all attendees. Simultaneously, they acknowledge the need to equip Book Fair hosts with the necessary tools to navigate various legislation and policies.

This policy update marks a significant stride in Scholastic’s journey towards inclusivity and representation. By integrating diverse voices into their book fairs, they not only enrich the reading experience for young minds but also stand as a beacon of change in the publishing industry. Scholastic’s initiative paves the way for a more inclusive and understanding future, one book at a time.

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