What’s a guy supposed to do when his best friend since freshman year decides he wants to go get his freak on and get paid for it by an amateur gay porn studio?

Seduced: TwentySomethingTwinks.com is nothing like Aaron thought it’d be. Professionally run and staffed by friendly, personable — and hot — talent, it’s a heck of a temptation — even for someone who’s never thought about getting down with a guy before. Trouble is, Aaron finds he likes the action more than he thought he would — and he’s starting to see Cody in an entirely different light.

Smolder: Brandon’s trying his best to play it cool. He figures if no one knows he’s a total amateur, he’ll go a lot further. He didn’t count on two of twentysomethingtwinks.com’s top studs claiming him for their own. When Gabriel and Dylan decide they want Brandon as their third in a permanent menage, all they have to do is convince him.

Slinky: Ross, the All-American “boy next door,” is a long established star of twentysomethingtwinks.com. He’s settled into his comfort zone — he needs shaking up and waking up. Maddox thinks he’s the perfect man for the job…

Submissive: Skyler, the newest recruit to twentysomethingtwinks.com, has one mission in mind: to get Thom, the cool, collected lead cameraman, naked and sweaty between the sheets. Skyler’s used to getting what he wants. So is Thom.

Sexology: Jake’s taken longer than a guy should to write his dissertation on the modern sex industry. He can’t stand the thought of leaving behind the friends he’s made at twentysomethingtwinks.com — and he won’t be able to live with himself if he doesn’t act on some of his favorite fantasies. Trouble is, he has no idea where to begin. A chance encounter and a night spent at the studio with a double handful of screen stars give Jake the chance to seize his dreams.

Ten men, ten ways to misbehave. It’s going to be a night to remember.

Publisher’s Note: Screen Shots Second Edition was formerly released under the name Willa Okati.

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