Screenwriting Concepts a Novelist Can Use by Hearts Through History

$15.00 – $25.00

Instructor: Sally J Walker
Start Date: Jan 8, 2024
End Date: Feb 2, 2024
USD Fee: $15 HHRW Members/$25 Non-Members

Every writer needs to study a variety of writing disciplines to evolve their work into the best it can be. Each form has a lesson to teach, from the vivid imagery of poetry to nonfiction’s required precision to the short story’s focus on a single event in a complex life. Screenwriting can teach a fiction writer the value of tight narrative, carefully orchestrated plotting and multi-layered, crisp dialogue while focusing on story and character through visual imagery. You will be delighted to find this eight-session introductory course can “enlarge your territory” and take your storytelling skills to heights you never imagined.

Course Outline:
Session One: Fundamentals of Storytelling & “No New Stories”
Session Two: Movie Paradigm at Work in a Novel
Session Three: Characterization, Dramatic vs. Novelistic
Session Four: Using Rules of Cinematic Dialogue
Session Five: Building Narrative Action Scene-by-Scene
Session Six: Methods for Easier Adaptation Either Way
Session Seven: Genre by Genre Film & Novel Comparisons
Session Eight: Less-is-More Revision Techniques

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