She Captures My Heart by Karen Kay

Two Worlds. Two Hearts. A Forbidden Passion.

Amelia McIntosh was only fourteen when she fell in love with the young and handsome Gray Falcon of the Blackfoot Tribe. He’d helped her through a difficult time, and, for him in turn, she’d opened up a vital part of the medicine man’s world. Five years later, Amelia is still in love with the mesmerizing Gray Falcon, but her refusal to marry anyone but him has created a dangerous problem for her and her family.

When Amelia—the pesky little girl from Gray Falcon’s past—returns to the Northwest, he can’t help but notice she has blossomed into a beautiful, desirable woman — one who sets his heart aflame. Yet, he must resist her feminine charms because, though she is a friend, what she asks of him is against all Gray Falcon stands for as a medicine man.

United only in love, will love, alone, be enough to stand strong against a world threatening to pull them apart?

Warning: A sensuous romance that might cause a gal to head west and capture the heart of her own true love.

“Gray Falcon and Amelia McIntosh became friends initially in book one of this series. However, one could not forget the other. Amelia, now a grown woman, returns to the Northwest seeking out her first love Gray Falcon. He is figuring out his medicine man powers and is wary about making her his woman in the beginning because she is trying to protect what her father lost in a card game – their inheritance. Amelia’s father became addicted to whiskey and became mean hearted. So, the love story unravels piece by piece. You can feel the emotional draw one has for the other. It is a passionate love story written with charisma and courage. Gray Falcon is fierce in defending their love at all cost. This book gets better and better from beginning to end. No one writes Native American romance like Karen Kay. Her research alone is thorough and enlightening.”


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