Skyhorse Publishing’s Strategic Acquisition of Regnery

A New Chapter in Publishing: Skyhorse’ Bold Move

In a significant development in the publishing industry, according to Publishers Weekly, Skyhorse Publishing has made a notable acquisition. The company announced its agreement to purchase Regnery Publishing from Salem Media Group. This move marks a resurgence of an earlier deal thought to be off the table as of late November 2023.

The Legacy and Future of Regnery

Regnery, renowned for its roster of conservative authors, brings a rich history spanning over 75 years. The imprint, under Skyhorse, will retain its distinct identity, preserving the legacy built by its team. With around 1,550 titles to its name, Regnery’s projected sales for 2023 are approximately $10 million.

Skyhorse’s Expanding Portfolio

Skyhorse’s president, Tony Lyons, has strategically expanded the company through acquisitions. Regnery joins an eclectic mix of 20 imprints under Skyhorse, ranging from Allworth Press to Yucca Publishing, totaling over 10,000 titles. This addition enhances Skyhorse’s stature, especially as a haven for conservative voices.

Notable Authors and Unwavering Commitment

Regnery’s impressive list of authors includes prominent figures like Donald Trump, Rand Paul, and Ann Coulter. Skyhorse, known for publishing controversial figures like Alex Jones and Woody Allen, emphasizes its stand against censorship. This ethos resonates with its commitment to providing diverse viewpoints, countering biases in mainstream media.

Strategic Implications and Salem’s Divestiture Plan

The acquisition aligns with Salem’s broader strategy to reduce debt, as evidenced by its recent sale of assets, including three radio stations. This move is part of an ongoing assessment of Salem’s portfolio for potential sales.

Skyhorse’s acquisition of Regnery is more than a business transaction. It’s a testament to the dynamic nature of the publishing industry, reflecting the shifting landscapes of media, politics, and culture. This deal not only fortifies Skyhorse’s position but also underscores the importance of diversity in publishing, offering readers a wide spectrum of political and philosophical perspectives.

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