Sofia’s Silver Bullet by Kate Hill

Silver Hearts Book 2

Arturo – As a mortal, I was a hit man. I’m not proud of it. Since becoming a vampire, I’ve done my best to turn my life around, but violence is in my nature. When demons take over the world, I jump into the rebellion against them. Then I cross paths with a sexy young vampire with more attitude than an alpha werewolf. Like me, she’s no stranger to betrayal, but that won’t stop me from winning her heart.

Sofia – Demons destroyed my world. Now I dedicate my life to the rebellion against them. I’m temporarily partnered with a gorgeous vampire from Boston who exasperates me, mostly because he’s impossible to resist. I’ve been betrayed before, but is it time to take a risk for love?

Note: Sofia’s Silver Bullet is a short paranormal age gap romance with a bad boy turned good hero, a kick-butt heroine, and a HEA.

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