Spotlight on Changeling Press: Jamie Targaet

Changeling Press turns 20 in 2024. To celebrate, we’re featuring Changeling Press authors all month at TRS.

Meet Jamie Targaet

Jamie Targaet is the author of the Hounds of Hell MC. She’s anxious to introduce you to this club of gorgeous, dominant men and the lucky women who surrender to them. The ride is going to get wild at times, not going to lie. But there’s thrilling action, scorching hot sex scenes, and all the feels.  

Jamie writes erotic romance for Changeling Press, a little fanfiction on the side, and she’s an aspiring horror writer in another life. She enjoys time with her family (including the fur babies). She likes good horror movies and shows, emo metal and classic rock, and time spent in other worlds writing and reading. She loves hearing from readers and is looking forward to hearing from you. 

An Interview with Holly Hewson at TRS

HH: What inspired you to start writing and how did your journey with Changeling Press begin?

Jamie: I’ve always been a reader. Somewhere in high school, I found fan fiction and couldn’t get enough. I tried my hand at writing it. It wasn’t the best. But over time, I got better. A friend of mine who’d been writing for a while told me I should try submitting to a publisher and she was happy at Changeling Press so I gave it a try. I published my first story, Hounds of Hell MC: Hero in 2022 and I’m very happy at Changeling Press. The support and guidance they’ve given me is just incredible. 

HH: Can you walk us through your creative process? How do you go from an initial idea to a finished manuscript?

Jamie: Honestly, I start out with a single character and either a funny or terrifying situation they’ve found themselves in and work my way out from there. It’s a method that hasn’t let me down so far. Once a while I’ll find myself in the weeds but it’s usually just following a branch that doesn’t go very far. I find another angle and I’m back on track.

HH: How do you develop your characters? Do you draw inspiration from real-life experiences or pure imagination?

Jamie: Well, I draft out my main character, usually a heroine, from the beginning. I take the situation she’s in and then ask how she’s reacting to it. Is she scared? Pissed off? I’ll free write about the entire situation from that character’s POV and then fill in their personality, background, and more from there. I use it to create a character profile. And I change onto those because when you’re building a world around an MC, you will see most of those characters again in later stories. It can be a lot of fun when they interact.

I draw inspiration mostly from real life. I can’t say I’ve ever modeled a character totally on someone I’ve known in real life. But I’ll grab character traits and flaws and go from there.

HH: Of all the books you’ve written for Changeling Press, which one is your favorite and why?

Jamie: I’ve only written three so far and the third one isn’t published just yet. Soon. Snow was a lot of fun as a lighter Christmas story this past December but I have to say so far that Axel is my favorite. Hounds of Hell MC 3: Axel will be coming out in the next few weeks. 

Axel is my favorite so far because I have a heroine who’s escaping from a terrible, abusive relationship to Mercy which the Hounds of Hell MC calls home. Axel and Sadie cross paths and he is instantly protective of her, jumping in with other characters we’ve met to help her build a new life there. When the past catches up with her, all hell breaks loose, and the ending, which I’ve just finished, is something I’m really proud of.

HH: What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your writing career and how did you overcome them?

Jamie: Time. I love to write but it’s like every time I get a moment and take a seat behind that computer, my life crashes in. “You think you get to write today?” Someone needs something, work tries to break in, something goes haywire in the house… It’s an ongoing battle. Lately, I turn off the phone, the TV, and hide behind that desk. If I cut off complete access to me, I usually, not always, get in an hour or two. lol

HH: Can you share a memorable experience or feedback from a reader that particularly touched or surprised you?

Jamie: I’m a fairly new writer. That being said, I’ve been lucky to have received many wonderful reviews and comments so far. I treasure every single one of them.

HH: Changeling Press is known for its diverse genres. Is there a genre you haven’t written in yet but are curious to explore?

Jamie: Oh yeah. There’s so much there. Who wouldn’t want to write a story about sexy vampires or carnal werewolves or really big cats? lol

HH: Do you have any unique writing rituals or habits that help you stay focused and creative?

Jamie: Yes. I don’t tell anyone I’m about to write. I turn off all notifications and my smartphone. I put the landline on silent. I then write like hell for as long as I can until life barges in. 

HH: What advice would you give to aspiring authors who dream of being published by Changeling Press?

Jamie: Read Changeling titles first. Make sure it’s a good fit for you. Study the stories. The titles that are published are what Changeling Press is looking for and go from there. Closely follow the submission instructions and if you have any questions, ask. They are super friendly and helpful.

HH: How do you see the future of digital publishing evolving, and what role do you think Changeling Press will play in it?

Jamie: I still love reading physical books now and then. But I have to admit that I love reading digital books, especially at night because you can adjust the screen lighting to make it comfortable, and adjust the size of the text. On trips or vacays, it saves a lot of space when taking books with you to read.

Ebooks have been part of my existence since the early 2000s and I don’t see them going anywhere. Changeling Press has been on the scene the whole time. It’s not going anywhere either.

Happy Birthday Changeling Press!

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