Steamy Lit: Fanning the Flames of Romance in August and Beyond

August is a special month for romance enthusiasts; it’s Romance Awareness Month. And who better to celebrate with than the pioneer of romance in modern times, Steamy Lit?

The Beginning: Melissa’s Vision

Melissa Saavedra, the mind behind Steamy Lit, recently explained to Fansided that she didn’t just stop at enjoying romance novels. Her passion bloomed into a thriving brand, taking the reading experience to new heights with The Steam Box. It’s not just your typical subscription box – it’s a celebration of love and self-care.

  • In the Box: Each Steam Box offers a unique romance novel by top authors including those of color or those from the LGBT+ community, accompanied by a selection of delightful self-love items.

But Melissa’s creativity didn’t stop there.

Beyond the Books: Steamy Lit Con

Steamy Lit branched further, crafting a tangible haven for romance lovers. The upcoming Steamy Lit Con, happening in Anaheim, California, on August 18th and 19th, promises a world where romance readers unite, learn, and mingle with their favorite authors.

  • East Coast Hope: While currently only a West Coast phenomenon, there’s buzz about an East Coast edition, creating excitement among fans in that region.

Melissa’s brainchild has become an oasis for romance readers, but how did it all come together?

Insights from the Queen of Romancelandia

Melissa Saavedra’s love for romance novels transcended the pages and blossomed into Steamy Lit, an innovative brand that embraces romance and self-love. In the enlightening interview, she peeled back the layers of her journey and vision.

  1. Combining Romance and Wellness: Melissa’s long-standing love for romance novels led to the idea of The Steam Box. A friend’s encouragement to combine romance books with sex toys gave birth to a unique concept that resonates with her audience.
  2. Dream Collaborations: Melissa revealed her wishlist of authors to collaborate with. These include captivating writers like Lauren Asher, Zoraida Cordova, Jasmine Guillory, Emily Henry, Penelope Douglas, Brittainy Cherry, and Love Belvin. Each has their signature style that could add value to the Steam Box.
  3. Steamy Lit Con’s Genesis: The idea of a romance convention was a dream from the beginning of Steamy Lit. Encouragement and mentorship from romance author Adriana Herrera turned this dream into reality. The aim is to create an inclusive space that celebrates the diversity of voices and stories within the romance genre.
  4. Expansion Plans: Melissa’s excitement about expanding Steamy Lit Con to the East Coast shows her dedication to reaching a broader audience. She also shared the launch of Swoony Lit, a YA romance-focused box, and expressed her desire to create safe spaces for diverse storytelling, possibly even organizing a convention specifically for young adult romance.

Melissa’s candid insights and reflections portray her as a visionary who’s not afraid to innovate and take risks. Her love for romance books and promoting self-love shines through every facet of Steamy Lit. Her plans for the future are not only thrilling but hold the promise of a community that embraces and celebrates love in all its forms.

A Passion That Sparkles

Melissa’s zest for romance and dedication to self-love is not only inspiring but infectious. The world of Steamy Lit is just beginning to unravel its beautiful layers.

Whether you’re new to romance or an avid reader, Steamy Lit welcomes you with open arms. Try a Steam Box, follow their incredible Instagram, and maybe, just maybe, find yourself at the heart of romance at Steamy Lit Con.

Your summer could be all the more steamy and exciting with Steamy Lit. Ready to dive in?

Are you a fan of Steamy Lit? Will you be ordering a Steam Box? Share your thoughts with us below!

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