A Hot Brits/Hot Scots/Au Naturel Crossover Book 2

When best friends fall for the same girl, it takes a family to save the day.

MacTaggarts love to meddle. I learned that lesson long ago, but when my brother Jack sends me to a physical therapy clinic, I have no clue about his real motive. Until I meet my therapist. Kate Wagner is a bossy lass who wants to shrink my head while she rehabilitates my knee. I don’t care how sexy she is. The woman ordered me not to ride my Harley, and that’s unacceptable.

I might have accidentally kissed her, but I cannae stand the woman. So when my British best friend, Hugh Parrish, sets his sights on Kate, I say fine. He can have the overbearing lass.

Callum MacTaggart gets under my skin like nobody else ever has. He’s stubborn, sarcastic, and growls at me. Hugh Parrish has smooth talk down to an art, but I don’t want him either. Maybe I’m starting to see another side of Callum, and maybe we share a few steamy moments. That means nothing.

Aye, Kate is bonnie, sensual, and clever. But we can never work out, especially since I swore to Hugh that I don’t want her. Now the American wives of my brother and my cousins have decided to “help” me by meddling in my life.

Bloody hell.

The American Wives Club is the second multi-series crossover book uniting three bestselling worlds—Hot Scots, Hot Brits, and the Au Naturel Trilogy. Get ready for nudists, Wiccans, gypsies & more! Coming soon in audio narrated by Zachary Webber & Stella Hunter with a special appearance by Shane East.

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