The Author’s Guide:Writing Your Business Plan by Self-Publishing Services

For some people, writing and publishing a book is solely a creative endeavor. Inspiration struck, a book resulted from that inspiration, and the author published that book without knowing if they’d ever do so again. For others, publishing is a job or serious side hustle. They want to publish a lot, they want to build a solid author platform, and they want to garner as many book sales as possible. 

Both types are great, but if you’re looking to be the latter type of author, and you want to turn publishing into a money-making endeavor,  you’ve got to include some planning in your authorial game. 

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This book will not only help you understand what you need in order to publish a book, but it will help you solidify your goals as a writer while making some clear steps to build the writing career you want. Our business plan book is available now, so don’t wait to pick up your copy today to get started on an amazing publishing journey!

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