The Big Blue by Anne Kane

Tundra’s a polar bear shifter with a hankering for some Big Blue.
Polar bear shifters are rare these days, and most of them keep a low profile. Tundra knows the rules, but tonight she needs to get laid, and it will take a strong man to satisfy her.

Alex’s buddies call him Big Blue, and they’re closer to the truth than most of them know, but he does his best to hide his true nature — trolls have a nasty reputation in this brave new world.

The very first time Tundra sees Blue, she knows she had to have him. What she doesn’t realize is that she’ll never want to let him go. So when Alex goes to confront the head of a vicious cabal, Tundra follows to make sure he doesn’t get hurt. After all, even a troll’s hide isn’t as thick as a polar bear’s.


“A blue troll and a big growly gal of a polar bear have got to be the most unlikely and imaginative love combination ever invented. The great thing is, it works, it’s fun and it’s a great story to spend an afternoon with. There’s nothing tame or gentle about Tundra and Blue and that’s why I had a ball watching their relationship develop.” — 4 Stars from Xeranthemum, Long and Short Reviews

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