The Bomb Threat at The King’s English Bookstore: A Rallying Cry for Inclusivity in Salt Lake City

Photo Credit: KLS5

The Incident

Last Sunday morning, Salt Lake City’s beloved gem, The King’s English Bookstore, found itself in an unsettling situation—a bomb threat targeting their drag queen story hour. The event was disrupted around 9:30 a.m. when police were tipped off about a “suspicious circumstance.” It turned out to be a bomb threat, prompting an immediate evacuation. Thankfully, no explosives were found, and the store reopened by 11 a.m. Tara Lipsyncki, the drag queen who’s hosted these story hours for five months, continued to stand strong.

Tara Lipsyncki’s Perspective

In an Instagram post, Lipsyncki responded, saying, “In the face of hate and threats you have two options, to fight back or to back down. I will always fight and stand my ground when I am able to do so.” She emphasized the importance of having spaces like these, especially for marginalized youth who often feel “unseen.”

It’s not just about reading stories; it’s about creating a culture of acceptance.

The Mayor’s Take

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall was quick to condemn the act, declaring, “EVERYONE belongs in Salt Lake City.” She pledged support to work with The King’s English to ensure that the event would occur at a future date. Mendenhall made it abundantly clear: acts of hate have no place in her city.

Why This Matters

This incident touches a nerve, one that’s been raw for far too long. We’re living in a time when spaces of inclusivity should be expanding, not shrinking due to threats. Here are some key points:

  1. The Importance of Safe Spaces: Events like this offer a haven for those who feel marginalized.
  2. Community Resilience: The incident shows us that community members aren’t willing to be pushed around. They will fight to maintain their right to exist and be seen.
  3. Civic Responsibility: It serves as a wake-up call for cities everywhere to protect their residents’ freedom to assemble and celebrate who they are.

Looking Forward

We should all take a page from Tara Lipsyncki’s book—no pun intended. When we’re faced with adversity, we don’t back down; we stand our ground. It’s crucial to note that for every person who wishes to spread hate, there are many more fighting for love and acceptance. Now, more than ever, let’s band together to make sure everyone has a seat at the table—or in this case, a spot on the reading rug.

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