Alex and Nell are expecting!

At Nell’s baby shower, she’s hoping for a ceasefire between the law-enforcing Bakers and her criminal cousins (not to mention her scary grandmother, the mob doyenne).

The girls just want to have fun, but when the silly shower games are interrupted by some unexpected guests, it takes the “fun” right out of this dysfunctional family shower.

Can Baby Baker help these families inch closer to neutral ground and begin to heal old wounds and fractured friendships?

Download this Big Uneasy short story August 18, 2022!

“This book had all the feels. It was charming and quirky and you simply cannot help but love all of the characters.” Reader

“This is a fun-to-read romantic suspense/cozy mystery.. I liked it very much.. It is very entertaining, quirky, and clever.”

Available August 18th!

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