The Gates of Paradise by Tianna Xander

Paradise Reborn book #2

Can Ali trust two tempting strangers to protect her from the malevolent forces that pursue her through the gates of Paradise?

Threatened with an arranged marriage to a notorious criminal, Aliana Maddock risks everything and flees. Pursued by her father’s menacing henchmen, she ventures into the merciless wilderness of the Montana mountains. After a tumble into raging rapids has her fighting for her life, she’s rescued by two ruggedly handsome and enigmatic men who vow to protect her, no matter the cost. Can Ali resist the temptation the two men represent, or will their charm shatter her resolve?

Griffin Bedard and Dracen Giacomo, two guardians sworn to safeguard one of the weakest gates of Paradise, discover a nearly lifeless yet alluring woman sprawled unconscious on their clan’s land. The two shifters’ desire for her is so powerful, they’re prepared to not only lay down their lives but also unveil Paradise’s hidden secrets to defend their beautiful charge from the evil forces hunting her.

Can the two men protect Aliana from the evil pursuing her, or will they all succumb to the danger that follows Ali through the gates of Paradise? To find out, scroll up and grab your copy today!

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