The Great Beta Reader Matchup

Are you looking for beta readers,
some of whom might potentially become
writing group members down the line?
Are you wanting to be matched up with those
writing in a similar genre and time zone,
so they can critique your work as you critique theirs at the same time?

Your manuscript doesn’t have to be complete to sign up!
This particular match-up will be open to registrations from now until the 30th of April.
During this time you’ll register and submit your work
consisting of 3000 words in a Word document.
On the 1st of May, Bianca will match you up with between 3-6 other writers
in similar genres and time zones
depending on how many writers sign up.
She’ll send each group their submissions along
with instructions of how to critique the work.
After that, it’s up to you to set up a date when you’ll
either all meet up virtually to discuss your work
or just send each other your written critiques.
Whatever works best for you!

Cost: US$20

Submit 3000 words in a Word document.
If they aren’t opening chapters, you need to provide a summary
so your beta readers have context for the submission.
You may ask 2-5 specific questions within the same document
for your beta readers to address.

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