The Lyon’s Perfect Mate by Cerise Deland

Can two people who have learned how to fight for all they want and win push pride aside to save their love and their marriage?

Miss Pricilla Taunton had little to commend her. No looks, no titled family, no savoir-faire.

Cilla has struggled to make a new life for herself. Years of ridicule and suppression at the hands of her parents mean she has had to live down the scurrilous reputation her elders cast upon her. But after creating herself anew, Cilla needs a husband of good cheer and spotless reputation. To make that a reality, she’ll use her money, all of it, if necessary, to hire Mrs. Dove-Lyon—and ask for herself only one special reward.

Captain Valerian Anderleigh has always won every battle. Hailed by his superiors as honorable, revered by his men as heroic, he is a legend.

When Val returns home from the wars to assume his family’s title, he meets challenges for which no battlefield prepared him. His estate is flooded. His stepmother and her two daughters spend every penny. His younger brother runs wild.
Val will do anything to resurrect his family’s pride. Even enter the Lyon’s Den and assume a terrible burden. Surprisingly, marrying a lovely, lonely woman becomes not a challenge but a greater joy than he anticipated.

Losing the love of his life in defeat is not an option.

“Warm characters who grow together and as individuals through the story. Another successful love match from unexpected challenges for Mrs. Dove-Lyon.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“This story has humor, many problems from family also nature, but thru caring, understanding and love they try to work to a good conclusion. I enjoyed the story very much, by working together and caring for others each other, people can overcome most problems.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“Passion and romance, DeLand gives just the right touch for Mrs. Dove-Lyon to once again make the perfect match. The lady matchmaker knows her business.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“Sweet story of two people fixing each other to become the people they were meant to be.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“Our Cinderella-ish story has so much going on it is wonderful to see in a new light. How being told you are nothing and will be nothing only to pull yourself up and dust off the naysayers, rise above the pettiness and shine true and bright.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“Cerise DeLand writes the most beautiful romance language into this book.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“I loved the book, her writing style is simple and descriptive. You are givien the details to see what’s happening on the page, feel their feelings, want theirs wants, but not over-run with details. Her steamy scenes are lovely, and not bawdy. You add in what’s happening underneath her words.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

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