The Perfect Wrong by Nicole Snow

Wall Street Journal best-selling author Nicole Snow returns with a blazing forbidden romance where every wrong feels perfectly right for two star-crossed lovers….

Everything that could go wrong did.

The evil smile on my bestie’s face should’ve screamed bad idea. But I took her “easy” bet: Find a man before summer ends. Renounce my V-card. Enjoy life.

I thought I was entitled to the same sweet ritual every girl deserves—until a force of nature blew in. His name is Chris Triton. Tattooed god. Moody ex SEAL. Zero filter. Born to drive me bonkers.

We barely spoke for 10 minutes before he kissed my soul out. Too fast. Too intense. Too flipping good.

Then I found out we’d be sharing the same roof the very next day. Dad marrying his mom squashed our little chemistry experiment instantly. You know, the normal reaction. But Chris doesn’t do normal. Or predictable. Or sane.

Still, I’m sure he’s playing some twisted game when he keeps teasing the unthinkable.

I think he won’t scorch my heart black until the Vegas trip—another hilariously bad idea.

It’s just us and a tension so thick you can chew it. Just an unexpected hero charging to my rescue. Just one freaking bed.

What the hell do you do when the perfect wrong feels undeniably right?

A full-length forbidden romance with sizzle, jaw-dropping sass, and all the heart-stompy butterflies impossible happily ever afters are made of. Witness one growly protector battle the worst luck in the known universe to throw his princess over his shoulder and bring her home forever.

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