The SEAL Who Kissed Me by Paige Tyler

A woman out for revenge.

Former Russian spy, Kira Babin, has covertly spent the last ten years looking for her younger brother Mikhail––and hunting the man who kidnapped him. When she recently got her chance to defect to the United States, she took it. Away from her Russian handlers, she can search on her own. The last thing she needs is unwanted attention. But when she finally gets a lead, she ends up in the same alleyway, the same gunfight, as the sexy SEAL who fills her dreams and makes her heart beat a little faster––the one she’s been avoiding. It’s not that she doesn’t want Colt––she does. He’s the most amazing man she’s ever met. But if he knows the real her, he’ll walk away, and that’s something even this hardened spy couldn’t survive.

A man who can change her mind.

Petty Officer Colt Hughes never expected his latest mission to land him beside the beautiful blonde he’s been trying to get close to for months. Last he knew she ghosted him. So why was the sexy ex-spy now engaging terrorists in dark alleys? Since Kira saved his and his Teammates’ proverbial bacon, he intends to find out. But when the man who killed her parents and abducted her brother turns out to be a person of interest to the CIA, suddenly SEAL Team 5 is helping Kira with an international manhunt. Posing as newlyweds suits Colt just fine because that means alone time with Kira, but the more he gets to know her, the more he sees beyond her beauty to the incredible woman inside. He’s falling hard and fast––if only she’d trust him.

Kira never expected help from Colt, much less from a SEAL Team. But when she has to choose between trust or revenge, life or death, love or heartache…will she listen to her heart or her head?

“Want to read a story that is almost James Bond-esque? Except in Seal Who Kissed Me the female is much more of an equal to the male leading role! Traveling the world to catch the bad guys? Check! Fast-paced action? Check! Romance? Check! This one will keep you entertained throughout!” – Goodreads Review

“The Seal Who Kissed Me is the newest Seals of Coronado book and it doesn’t disappoint.” – Goodreads Review

“Picking up a Paige Tyler book you are guaranteed a different read. She takes you into a realistic military action world. Full of drama, a badass female and hunky male Seals. It’s a page-turner that will keep you on the edge to find out if they find the enemy and stay alive.” – Goodreads Review


As they left the restaurant a little while later, hand-in-hand, Colt told himself the gesture was about keeping their cover as newlyweds, but truthfully, he decided he liked having Kira on his arm. He glanced at her from the corner of his eye to see that she seemed comfortable with holding hands, too.

Then he caught sight of Lennox and Darwin looking their way, both of them grinning at the show he and Kira were putting on. No doubt, his Teammates could tell how much he was enjoying this mission because it meant he got to spend time with her.

Colt tensed a little once they got back to their room. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but seriously, he was about to sleep with Kira. In the same bed at least.

Kira grabbed her small overnight bag and disappeared into the bathroom, the shower turning on a few seconds later. Colt’s mind immediately flashed to the image of her naked, hot soapy water running down her lithe perfect body.

Groaning at the effect that image had on his body, Colt cursed. He needed a distraction. He should give Shaw a call and let him know about Lennox’s encounter with Hoffmann.

“Kira thinks we can use this to our advantage,” Colt said into the phone after bringing the CIA agent up to speed. “Though I’m a little worried about putting Lennox in Hoffmann’s sights like that.”

“I understand your concern,” Shaw said, his tone suggesting that while he might understand them, he didn’t really care about them. “But if this random chance meeting gives us an inside track to Hoffmann, we’d be foolish not to use it.”

He and Shaw finished their conversation just as Kira turned off the shower. After thumbing off his phone and plugging it in to charge, Colt found himself once again thinking about Kira, and what the sounds coming from behind the door might imply she was doing. The mere thought of her rubbing lotion onto the skin of her long lean legs made him groan.

“Everything okay?” Kira asked, choosing that moment to walk out of the bathroom, dressed in a pair of loose running shorts and a baggy T-shirt. Colt tried his best not to stare, but it was difficult. Even in clothes as casual as those, she was exceptionally beautiful.

“Yeah, everything’s fine,” he said. “I just got off the phone with Shaw. He agrees with you that Lennox might be our best chance to get at Hoffmann. I’m a little concerned about Lennox getting hurt, though.”

“We won’t let that happen,” Kira promised.

Heading over to the bed, she yanked back the blankets to crawl in. The view of her bending over was tantalizing, and Colt quickly darted into the bathroom before he did something stupid like groan out loud again.

He brushed his teeth quickly before jumping in the shower. Even though he kept the water as cold as he could take, it didn’t do much good. He was still aroused as hell.

When he finally came out of the bathroom a little while later, it was to find the lights off and Kira already cuddled under the blankets asleep. Colt slipped into the bed, careful not to disturb her. But trying to sleep while inches away from the most perfect woman he’d ever met was damn near impossible.

Man, it was going to be a long night.

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