The Shit No One Tells You About Writing: August Bonus with Emma Donoghue and Lisa Jewell

In today’s bumper August Episode, we have two amazing author interviews as well as a Q & A and Comp Title segment.

Bianca first chats with bestselling and award-winning author, Emma Donoghue, about her latest novel, Learned By Heart. During the segment, the two discuss quieter novels; waiting for the right time to write a particular novel; the limitations of playwriting vs novel writing; the amount of research that goes into writing historical fiction; and choosing a POV character.

After which, Carly and CeCe answer various questions, including the acceptability of comping with a very popular novel; whether one needs to reach out to experts when it comes to writing historical fiction; the pros and cons of various forms of publishing; whether to label a novel as a series in a query letter; having a synopsis prepared when querying; and when your essays in a collection should be shared with the public before officially publishing.

Carly then chats with Lisa Jewell about her latest novel, None of This Is True. The two discuss how Lisa came up with the idea of her novel’s antagonist; how Lisa changed her novel from being a ‘slow-burn’ to being more fast-paced; subverting readers’ expectations of genre conventions; what differentiates this book from Lisa’s previous novels; and Lisa’s rationale about the importance of a positive relationship with your readers.

Finally, Emilie Sommer of East City Bookshop gives you suggested comp titles!

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