The Taming of Iver MacTavish – MacKai Brides Novella One by Rue Allyn

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Iver MacTavish believes in living life to the full, enjoying every moment. He fights, drinks, and swives with nary a thought to the consequences. Now that he’s inherited the earldom, responsibility demands he wed. But a bride does not mean he need change his ways, especially not the quiet biddable young beauty he chose. Because of a favor done for a neighboring baron, Iver selected his betrothed from among six of the seven beauties known as the MacKai Jewels. He considered himself quite clever in his choice.

Brighde MacKai believes in living life according to God’s will. In her eyes Iver MacTavish is the worst sort of sinner. He’d chosen her shy, quiet sister Keeva as his bride, and Brighde could not let that happen. A man of MacTavish’s appetites and temper would destroy Keeva within a week. Brighde prayed for guidance and now knows in her heart God wishes her to wed MacTavish in her sister’s place.

Will Brighde’s strong faith reform MacTavish and make him into the sort of man who deserves to wed a MacKai Jewel. Or will Iver’s sinful seductions steal Brighde’s hope of heaven?

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