The Transformation from Querying Writer to Published Author

Becoming an agented author is a momentous milestone in a writer’s journey, and it marks a significant transformation from the querying stage. Literary agents Jessica Faust and James McGowan, known for their collaborative efforts on the Bookends YouTube channel, provide valuable insights into this transitional phase. The duo’s guidance is aimed at helping authors embrace this change, and they’ve shared the following actionable insights:

1. The Thrill of Representation

Once you gain representation, you’ll likely feel a rush of excitement. However, be prepared to adapt to a new pace and mindset. The transition from querying to being an agented author involves strategic thinking and patience.

2. Understanding Publishing Timelines

Publishing is a highly-structured industry. Everything from book releases to marketing campaigns follows specific timelines. Adapting to these standards is crucial to stay on track.

3. Balancing Act

As an agented author, you’ll need to juggle writing, marketing, and other responsibilities like parenting or a full-time job. The balancing act requires flexibility, dedication, and time management.

4. Quality Over Quantity

The fear of losing success might tempt you to publish frequently, but focusing on quality is key to sustained success. Rushing to produce might compromise your work’s value.

5. The Extended Role of an Agent

An agent’s role goes beyond merely selling your book. They assist in career planning, helping you make choices that foster long-term success.

6. Creating Great Books

Focus on your craft, while also considering legal aspects such as non-competition clauses and meeting reader expectations.

7. Building Your Author Brand

Invest time in building your brand. This includes creating a website, managing finances, and keeping your social media profiles up to date.

8. Embracing the Process 

Trust the process and enjoy the journey. Making the most of the time between book releases by focusing on both writing and business aspects can lead to a fulfilling career.

The transformation from a querying writer to an agented author is an exciting but demanding process. By understanding these phases, aligning with industry standards, and focusing on quality, authors can navigate this transition with confidence. Thanks to insights from Jessica Faust and James McGowan, the path to agented authorship is illuminated, offering a clear roadmap for emerging writers.

In sharing their wisdom, Faust and McGowan address the complexities and joys of the writer’s journey, emphasizing the importance of embracing change and focusing on growth. Their empathy, transparency, and encouragement empower aspiring authors to approach their careers with authenticity and resolve. It’s a reminder that the road to success is a thoughtful, intentional process – not a race. Enjoy the journey!

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